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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Chapter 35. Prudjudice Against Color Summary & Analysis

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Linda travels with her employers, the Bruce family, twice during the following summer, during which time she suffers from racial prejudice. Since she is in service to a white family, she is not made to ride in uncomfortable "Jim Crow" cars like most of the other colored passengers, but she is upset that she is not given the same treatment as the other (white) nursemaids. After being reprimanded for sitting at a "white only" table with her employers on more than one occasion, Linda begins to have her meals sent to her room, rather than take her meals from the kitchen like other colored servants. After several days of this, the white waiters complain that they should not have to wait on a Negro woman.

Linda is infuriated that she, and other colored people, are forced to endure this treatment, but she seems angrier that the African-American community allow themselves to be treated in this way, and even enforce the rules themselves (on one occasion, she is ordered away from Mrs. Bruce's table on a steamship by a black ship's employee).

Between these two trips she makes with the Bruce family, Linda goes to Brooklyn in order to visit Ellen. However, she runs into Ellen on the street before she arrives at the Hobbs residence. There Ellen warns her not to go to the Hobbs' house, since Mrs. Hobbs's brother, Mr. Thorne, is visiting from the South and is likely to betray Linda's location to Dr. Flint. Linda heeds this warning and promises Ellen she will return and visit at a later time.

This section contains 268 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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