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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Chapter 18, Months of Peril Summary & Analysis

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The Flints continue their search for Linda with more vehemence than she had anticipated. After she has been hiding for a week, her pursuers come within a close proximity of the house in which she is hiding, prompting Linda to run out of the house and hide in some bushes, where she suffers from a venomous snake bite.

A kind woman in town who (although a slaveholder herself) is sympathetic to Linda's plan to escape, offers to aid Linda. She hides Linda in a small storage room in her home.

Mr. Sands' agent has made very generous offers to buy Linda's children. However, Dr. Flint refuses to sell them although it is clearly in his best interests, financially. He appears determined to have his revenge on Linda no matter what it costs him. Dr. Flint throws Benny and Ellen, as well as William and Aunt Nancy into jail, hopeful that this will bring them to reveal Linda's whereabouts or provoke Linda to reveal herself in order to protect them. When this fails, Dr. Flint decides that Linda must have escaped to the free states, and borrows $500 to venture to New York in search of her. Ironically, he enters the house in which Linda hides and asks her protectors to loan him the money. He takes the money and goes to New York in search of Linda, never suspecting that his moneylenders were harboring the fugitive slave he seeks.

Meanwhile, Ellen becomes very ill in jail and is moved from the jail into the home of Dr. and Mrs. Flint. Although the home is comfortable, and she is under the care of a doctor, she is frightened of the Flints, distressed about her separation from her family, and cries to be returned to jail. When she is taken back to the filthy, uncomfortable prison, she is happy to be back with the people who love her.

This section contains 320 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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