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Michael Hague
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"It was on a beautiful September day" (p. 1).

"The blue flash had reduced mankind to feeble insignificance - a mere one-twelfth of its former size" (p. 6).

"I'm afraid you're awake, beat. And I don't know what's going on. We're both living in a nightmare. I hope to God your father and Mouse are okay" (p. 15).

"Whatever happened, God's sure got a hell of a sense of humor" (p. 18).

"Maybe it's something to do with the Gaia effect. That's why other creatures aren't affected. The Gaia effect. Mother earth's natural way of protecting herself. You see, the other creatures weren't a threat to her" (p. 23).

"Some leave to search for loved ones, but most stay with Mouse, trusting him like a prophet to lead them to safety" (p. 35).

"Why doesn't God just kill us and get it over with" (p. 58).

"Beat invites those who show kindness to her home. They avoid the lawless, the selfish and the cruel" (p. 78).

"They live under a strict set of rules. Protect the weak and punish the wicked" (p. 86).

"Beatrix! I told you, No! I don't care what it is - you're not to leave the fence. Your father and brother have already been lost to the wild. I don't want to lose you, too" (p. 96).

"The angels says they're real happy for know? They're all happy we've become more than human...but the angel gave a warning, man...we just be careful. The angels said demons walk the earth" (p. 100).

"By the spring, the transformation of human to demon would be complete" (p. 124).

This section contains 263 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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