In the Small Setting & Symbolism

Michael Hague
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Office Building

When the devastating blue light strikes earth, Mouse Willow is at work as an intern in his father's office in a large skyscraper in the downtown section of the city.

The Blue Light

A mysterious blue light encompasses earth, from the cities to the country and from the seas all the way to the core of the earth. The blue light only targets human beings.

The Gaia Effect

The Gaia Effect is the theory that Mother Nature will eventually rebound to avenge the damage that man does to the earth. It may be the source of the devastating blue light that impacted only the humans.

The Willow Residence

When the blue light hits earth, Beatrix Willow and her mother are at the family home. Mouse's mission is to lead his followers back to his home.

The Greenhouse

The Willow's have a greenhouse on their grounds. Beatrix and her mother decide to make a commune in the greenhouse for survivors of the blue light because food can be grown there and it has a fresh water source.

The Transport

The D-A-V and his group transformed an abandoned skateboard into a transport. The survivors place their piles of supplies on the board so they can move to another location.

Miniature Walkways

The Hoyle brothers are both skilled engineers. They create miniature walkways for the tiny people so they can make their way around the Willow complex.

The School

Beatrix escorts Dr. Germain to her children's school. They find the school burnt to the ground except for one small building where they find her children to be safe and sound.

The Tunnel

Mouse leads his co-workers through a tunnel to escape to the streets so they can begin their journey to safety. In the tunnel, they are confronted with hundreds of rats and have to fight them off to escape.

The Museum

Mouse and his followers find miniature objects like tools and even a steam engine in a museum. They take the items so that they can have a brighter future.

This section contains 342 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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