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Michael Hague
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Mouse Willow

Mouse Willow is a young man who works as an intern in his father's downtown office in a large American city. When a mysterious blue light encompasses the city, as well as the rest of the world, mankind is thrown into chaos. All humans are shrunk to one-twelfth of their normal size. Mouse has had premonitions all his life and they've always been accurate. Just before the light struck, he passed out because he had a horrid premonition that mankind was going to be destroyed and it nearly was.

After Mouse recovers, he emerges as a leader of the group of workers from his father's business. He has a sense of where to lead them to safety and finds his way outside. Mouse must stand up to great pressures and loss that he encounters along the path to safety. His father is killed in a conflict with another group of survivors they encounter. Other members of his group are killed and injured.

Mouse instills confidence in the other members of the group and he leads them through many challenges and dangers including an attack by rats which are now bigger than the people are. He has a premonition that the future now lies in the past and that he must return to his home to see if his mother, grandfather and sister survived. His instincts tell him that he must lead his army of followers to the Willow house where civilization will be saved.

Beatrix Willow

Beatrix Willow is the younger sister of Mouse Willow. She is nicknamed "Beat" and was named after Beatrix Potter. When the blue light strikes earth, Beatrix is at the family home with her mother. Beatrix and her mother are of course shocked when they are shrunk to one-twelfth of their normal size. Even though she is very young, Beatrix seems to take over and begins to display the same leadership skills as that of her older brother.

Beatrix is immediately concerned about the welfare of her grandfather who was working in the garden when the light hit. She manages to crawl through a window and make her way to the yard which is now like a dense jungle. Just when a garter snake is about to attack her grandfather, George, Beatrix strikes it down with a weapon she fashioned from a scrap of wood she found in the weeds.

Beatrix is also concerned about how her neighbors are faring after the disruptive event. She locates Dr. Helen Germain who is frantic over the fate of her young children who were at school when the blue light struck. She leads Dr. Germain to the school and where they find her two children who survived the ordeal. She also finds a neighbor and his two adult sons who are engineers. She brings them back to the Willow house where they construct walkways to a scale that allows the miniature people to make their way around the complex.

Beatrix proves over and over again that she is brave, intelligent, and resourceful in dealing with a dangerous threat and that she has the ability to readily adapt to a new reality.

Bob Willow

Bob Willow is the father of Mouse and Beatrix. He is in his downtown office when the blue light strikes. Bob does not make it home. He dies from wounds that he suffered in a conflict with a group of rogues.

Jackie Willow

Jackie Willow is the mother of Mouse and Beatrix. She is at home with Beatrix when the blue light strikes and encompasses earth.


George is the grandfather of Mouse and Beatrix. He is outside gardening when the blue light attacks earth. Beatrix saves him from an attack by a garter snake.


D-A-V is one of the survivors. He helps Mouse and his group find their way to safety. Angels visit him and tell him about future events.

Dr. Helen Germain

Dr. Helen Germain is a neighbor of the Willows. Beatrix escorts her to her children's school where she finds them safe and sound.

The Hoyles

Beatrix checks on one of their neighbors, the Hoyles, and brings Mr. Hoyle and his two adult sons who are engineers back to the Willow house. The two sons construct miniature walkways so the now tiny people can get around more easily in the complex.


Poppit is the leader of the wild children. Poppit is blind and has the gift of prophecy.


Ruth is the leader of a peaceful group that Mouse and his followers encounter. They join up with Mouse's group and travel with them to the Willow complex.

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