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Michael Hague
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Pages 93 through 124 Summary

Mouse and his followers are anxious to get to their destination, Mouse's house, which they refer to as the Promised Land. Mouse says he hopes it's not too late. A young boy named Seeker appears at Mouse's front gate asking for him. He tells Mrs. Willow that someone named Poppit told him to ask for Mouse. Mrs. Willow tells Seeker he is welcome to stay there. He calls for the rest of his group which is a bunch of wild children led by Poppit, who is blind. He is carried on the shoulders of a large man called Mountain. Mrs. Willow asks about Mouse.

The Willow community takes to the wild children but Poppit remains a mystery. Beatrix tells her mother that she must go out with the gang to find something very important. Her mother doesn't want her to go fearing that she'll be lost. But Beatrix is determined to go. She mentions to the wild kids that she needs to leave to find the treasure. Poppit and the others want to know what the treasure is and go with her.

Mouse and his army will soon come to the promised land and there will be no more traveling or worry. He has noticed that since the blue flash hit, no one has been sick. The D-A-V is visited by angels who tell him that everything will be okay. But they also need to be aware of demons that walk the earth. The next morning, Mouse leaves with the scouts. He is relieved when he finds his house still standing. He sees George's clothes in the garden but since his body isn't there he figures he might still be alive.

The wild kids meet up with Mouse. They tell him that his mother and sister are still alive. They knew who he was and that his name was Mouse because their leader Poppit had a vision about him. They go to the house and Mouse reunites with his thankful mother and grandfather. He tells them the sad news that his father didn't make it. Mouse learns that Beatrix left two days before with Poppit and several of the other wild kids. Mrs. Willow doesn't know where they were going.

The Hoyle brothers designed and built some walk-ways that were scaled to their new size so they could get around the house and grounds. The rest of Mouse's army arrives and Mouse tells them to come in. That night, everyone celebrates being at the commune together. Bumble Bee, one of the wild kids, tells Mouse that Beatrix and the others were going to a place where there was an old buried treasure. Immediately, Mouse connects his dream about a future in the past with the "old buries treasure." He realizes where he can find Beatrix. She and the others are stuck in a hole that is guarded by a dog. They finally escape but then encounter what looks to be hundreds of scary looking men. But Beatrix is relieved and happy to see that it's her brother and his followers. The scout tells them that the museum doors are open. The D-A-V tells them that the rustling sound is just the wind. But Mouse knows that it's not the wind. He yells for everyone to get out. An owl swoops down and grabs Kim, one of Mouse's followers, before she can get away.

Beatrix leads Mouse and the others to a display of miniatures in the museum. They find all kinds of things that are just their size and that they can use - tools, working machinery and even a steam engine for transportation. Now Mouse understands what the message from his dream was. Their future will be brighter with the miniature items that they discovered in the museum. But Mouse warns them to be careful because danger still lurks.

That winter, a demon is lurking outside the Willow House and the greenhouse that is covered in snow. The demon says that the the city belongs to him and the other demons. By spring, the transformation of the humans to demons will be complete.

Pages 93 through 124 Analysis

There are more references to God in this section. Mouse and his army are traveling to Mouse's house which they refer to as the Promised Land - a direct reference to the land that was promised by God to the Jews. Poppit is a blind child who has the gift of premonition. There are several blind prophets in the Bible including Eli. Poppit is also portrayed as a mysterious character which sets him apart as special and unusual and that there's more to him than meets the eye. The blue flash that rendered the people small was also apparently a healing force. Mouse notices that no one has fallen sick since the blue light impacted earth. Was the light from God since it had a healing element?

After Mouse and his army arrive, the people all celebrate living together. It is another indication that civilization is being reestablished and that man has survived his worst tragedy. The walkways that the Holye brothers constructed and the miniature items that the Army finds are two instances that demonstrate man's ability to adjust and cope with a new reality. The D-A-V once again is visited by angels who assure him that everything will be fine but to beware of demons who walk the earth.

This episode ends with the new commune established and apparently thriving. However, the demons are lurking outside. The reader learns that the blue light was harmful to man, contradicting Mouse's theory that it was a healing force. According to the demon, all humans will eventually be transformed into demons. The angels' warnings to the D-A-V was accurate. They told him to watch out for demons not knowing that the humans would turn into demons. It is obvious that this is a cliffhanger designed to create interest for the next episode.

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