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Michael Hague
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Pages 63 through 92 Summary

The angel had given D-A-V strict instructions to help Mouse. When Mouse and his group arrived at D-A-V's shelter, he showed them to a room that was equipped with spears. Everyone in the group takes a spear. Members in the group are wondering if Mouse and D-A-V are the chosen ones. Was God guiding them, they wondered. The women in the group admire the nice clothing that they find in the D-A-V's shelter. Mouse asks the D-A-V why they were selected to foretell the future. He asks the D-A-V if he ever had a vision about a girl on a mountain.

Beatrix and Dr. Germain are making slow progress toward the school. They are in tall grass and can hardly see where they are going. They hide from some men that Beatrix thinks are dangerous. Beatrix tells Dr. Germain that she was named after Beatrix Potter. Her brother 's nickname is Mouse, named after the artist Hieronymus Bosch. They see a pack of dogs across the street. They hope they don't cross over to them.

Dr. Germain tells Beatrix they need to get out of the weeds. The insect bites could be poisonous to them at their small side. Looking for a place to stay the night, they bypass a garbage can because the smell of food would attract animals. They find a turned over mail box and decide it would be a safe place to stay.

Mouse and the D-A-V are leading the group through the tunnel when they encounter a rat. Just when the rat is about to attack Mouse, the D-A-V kills it with his spear. They find their way to the end of the tunnel and a vent that leads to the outside. But before they can escape, the group is attacked by rats. A bloody battle ensues. The rats are pushed back but one of the women's husband is taken away by them. Mouse tells her they have to move on. They reach the outside through the vent. The D-A-V tells the others to follow him to a shelter where they have food, water and transports. When they arrive, they see a skateboard that has been converted into a transport.

Back on the road with Beatrix and Dr. Germain, Beatrix becomes ill when she sees a dead body that's been partially eaten by bugs. Dr. Germain encourages her and they travel on. They meet with other survivors who are on their own journey for survival. They tell the peaceful people they meet about the greenhouse and point them in that direction. They avoid others who are lawless and cruel. It's been five days of travel when Beatrix and Dr. Germain finally arrive at the school. Dr. Germain collapses in agony when they see that the school has been burned down. They find dead children outside but no sign of the doctor's children. They see that one building is still standing and fortunately her two children are safe inside. She gratefully reunites with them.

Mr. Magellan is protecting the children in the building. He was Beatrix's coach when she attended the school. He was only able to save a few children. He explained what happened when the blue flash hit. Chaos broke out in the school and he was only able to lead these few children to safety. Dr. Germain is the only parent who has come for her children. Beatrix invites everyone back to the greenhouse.

Weeks pass and Mouse's army moves closer to D-A-V's shelter. They have stacked supplies on top of the skateboard transport. Some ride on the skateboard and some walk alongside it. They live by a simple rule: protect the weak and punish the wicked. The former office workers in Mouse's group have become seasoned warriors. Mouse is still haunted by the dream and vision he had about his father.

Beatrix continues to lead the group back to the greenhouse. They use mud to hid their scent so they don't draw predators. They have become true survivalists, able to move easily through the forest and do not miss any opportunity for food or water. They finally make it back to the Willow house but a mesh now covers the window where Beatrix had first escaped. Beatrix sees that there are unknown people at her house. Her mother spots her and assures her that everything is fine. The people are peaceful survivors who have joined their community.

A scout tells Mouse and the others that he spotted a mall just ahead. The mall is huge and abandoned. It's a safe place to stay but there is no source of food or water so they can't stay long. Members of the army are able to access the stores and take some essential supplies they need. They pick up a mirror that will allow them to make a fire by aiming it at the sun. They find freeze-dried food and waterproof tarps.

Pages 63 through 92 Analysis

There are more references to God. Some of the members wonder whether Mouse and the D-A-V are "chosen ones." They also wonder if God is guiding them. Mouse feels an affinity for the D-A-V because they both possess powers to foretell the future. Both Mouse and Beatrix are proving to be strong and brave leaders. Both youngsters are demonstrating their ability to survive against the horrible odds and are becoming examples for the people they are leading.

It is apparent that Beatrix and Dr. Germain are gathering peaceful survivors to join them at the greenhouse where they would be safe and would have a constant supply of food and water. When they return to the greenhouse, other survivors have already joined the commune. The commune represents the restarting of civilization.

The reader learns that Mouse is still haunted by the vision he had about Death and his father. It was a warning about the future but he apparently has not figured out what it means. The message was that the future was in the past. It could mean that man will have to return to his primitive beginnings and eschew modernity. This foreshadowing tells the reader that the meaning of the premonition will be revealed by the end of the story. Since Death was the messenger, it sets an ominous tone.

Mouse's army has adapted a survivalist mentality. They will protect the weaker ones of the group and will punish the evil. This tenet shows their unity and their determination to survive the horrible ordeal to a new reality in which they can exist in. "Survival of the fittest" and "the human instinct to survive" are two phrases that the story calls to mind.

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