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Michael Hague
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Pages 31 through 62 Summary

Mouse has led his co-workers outside. He fashions shoes for himself and a make-shift sword. It is just in the nick of time because a spider is about to attack them. Mouse slices the spider in half. Mr. Willow is worried about his daughter because he just saw a young girl ripped in half who reminded him of Beatrix. The people find a water source.

Back at the Willow house, George has made it to an upper shelf in the pantry where he pushes some food down to the floor. Beatrix finds doll clothes for her and her mother.

Mouse leads the others to a place where he knows they will be safe. Some choose to leave the group to look for loved ones. Mouse tells them he's going to take them through the tunnel. The others are afraid that the tunnel could collapse in on them. Alan wants to take the bridge to escape. Mouse agrees to lead them to the bridge but has bad vibes about it. He was right. When they arrive at the bridge, it is engulfed in flames.

The others agree to listen to Mouse from now on. Everyone's hungry so they decide to travel to a mom and pop restaurant they know of. Perhaps they can find some food there. As they travel further, they find a vicious street gang that assaults and tries to kidnap one of the women. These ruffians claim they own the block. Mr. Willow tangles with one of the men and is knocked unconscious. Mouse responds by stabbing the man in the heart with his sword. The group drags Mr. Wilson inside. Mouse lays down beside his unconscious father and grasps his hand. He falls asleep and has a horrible vision in which he is visited by death, who resembles his father, and who warns him that his future is in the past.

Back at the Willow house, Beatrix and her grandfather decide to venture out and see how the neighbors are faring. First, they plan to visit the Hoyles. The sons are both engineers and can build anything. Once they arrive, they call out to Jack and Nancy but no one answers. They are able to get inside but are met by the Hoyle's huge pet cat. They find Jack outside but he has bad news. The cat got Nancy. They leave Nancy behind and lead Jack and his two sons back to their house. On they way they find another neighbor, Dr. Helen Germain who is in a panic. Her children are at school and she doesn't know how to get to them. Beatrix vows to find them.

They return to the Willow residence where they decide to turn the greenhouse into a sanctuary where they can grow food. Jack and his sons plan how they can reinforce the building and divert the water from a fresh stream to it so they have a source of fresh water. Beatrix takes off in search of Dr. Germain's kids.

Back at the city, Mr. Willow dies from his wounds. Mouse feels guilty because he didn't warn his father about the gang. They have to leave him behind but Mouse makes a gravestone for him: "Bob Willow, husband, father, hero." He vows to learn what his father was warning him about in his dream. The army of survivors grows after Mr. Willow's death and Mouse becomes the leader. They meet another group who appear to be peaceful and are led by a woman named Ruth. Mouse encourages everyone to travel to the tunnel. Ruth and her group decides to join them. They encounter trouble in the tunnel. There is a loud explosion and they are trapped. Someone is coming toward them with lights. Mouse tells the others not to fear. Their savior is coming for them and will lead them out of the tunnel. They hear a voice say, "I'm the D-A-V." The D-A-V tells Mouse that the voices in his head told him that he and his followers were coming. D-A-V doesn't have visions. The angels visit and speak to him. Some in Mouse's group are skeptical of D-A-V. They refer to Mouse as their messiah and would rather be led by him. But D-A-V seems to know where he's going and everyone follows him. He says that they have prepared for Mouse and his army.

Pages 31 through 62 Analysis

It's a matter of survival for both Mouse and his sister Beatrix. They are both emerging as leaders in their own groups. They both face tragic events, but are determined to survive and lead their groups to a safer place. There are strong references to Jesus Christ in the story. Mouse is referred to as the Messiah. Mouse calls D-A-V their savior who will lead them to safety. The overall symbolism is one of renewal and rebirth.

Man has been reduced to his lowest form and must learn to exist without the help of inventions or devices to help them. He is at one with nature and must learn anew how to survive. However, they look to god-like figures for that survival. The other people in his group are being referred to as Mouse's followers and there are references to his saving mankind and being the Messiah. The parallels to Jesus Christ are undeniable.

Mouse is gaining a following and becoming a stronger person because of the challenges before him. Even though his father is killed in a fight with a vicious group, he shows his strength and knows he must go on for the sake of his followers and mankind. The mysterious D-A-V tells of being visited by angels. They encounter another group, a peaceful group, headed by a woman named Ruth - who is a figure in the Bible.

On the home front, Beatrix and George rescue some neighbors and bring them back to the house. They are going to make the Willow greenhouse their sanctuary - another religious reference.

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