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A Broken Window

A broken window is the only evidence of what happened in the house the night before as White surveys the house in the prelude of the novel.

Blue Ford Mustang

This blue Ford Mustang is the car that Jack is driving as he and Stephanie travel to Montgomery.

Spike Strip

It is this device used by law enforcement officials to stop fleeing suspects that Jack and Stephanie's car drives over and the tires are flattened.

Wayside Inn

The Wayside Inn is the name of the house where Stephanie and Jack believe they will find a phone to call for help and perhaps a place to stay for the night.


The basement is the area of the house that Jack almost enters when trying to find the downstairs bathroom. Betty yells at him not to ever go in this area of the house. It is in the basement that the evil natures of people are uncovered and put in plain sight.


Betty taunts Stephanie with ice cubes during their dinner. This taunting is significant because Stephanie's daughter fell through ice and was killed.


Stephanie runs out on the veranda of the home in an attempt to leave when she sees a man on the walkway.

Newspaper Article

Betty shows the four guests this newspaper article that shows the story of a couple found dead in an abandoned house.

Old Soup Can

White drops this soup can with the house rules written on the label down the chimney in the abandoned house.

Old Pickup Truck

White rams this truck into the front of the house after Randy shoots the lock of the door in an attempt to escape.

The Meat Locker

It is in this locker that Betty attempts to imprison Stephanie, Jack, Randy and Leslie. This is another dig at Stephanie because of the way that her daughter died.

A Drop-Shaped Earring

When Jack finds this earring on the basement steps, he feels certain that Pete has taken Leslie down into this area of the house.

A Pentagram Painted in Red

This religious symbol, painted on the wall of a basement room assumed to be a living room, has the saying "the wages of sin is death" written through it.

The Mirrors in the Basement

The mirrors found in the basement of the abandoned house befuddle those who look in them because they cannot see themselves in the mirrors.

A Huge Purple Bag of Purina Dog Chow

Pete pulls this bag from a closet and tells Leslie that it is cereal that will make her strong. He straps her to a dartboard and throws darts at her when she refuses to eat the mush that he mixes up for her from the dog food.

Black Smoke

This black smoke is a sign of evil that Jack first believes comes only from people who are not real. It turns out that this smoke is a visual representation of the evil that is in all people. It is only the Tin Man, however, who leaks black smoke from his cuts in the upstairs of the house.


Stephanie runs from the closet when she feels snakes crawling up her legs.

Cricket Bat

Randy finds this cricket bat in the closet when he is watching Pete abuse Leslie. He uses this bat to attack Pete.

Large Armoire

It is this large armoire that comes to life in the living room of the house and begins attacking Susan. It is the Tin Man, disguised as Lawdale, who keeps the armoire from hurting the girl.

The Knife

Near the end of the novel, Jack tries to pull this knife out of the wood but is unable to do so, even with Stephanie's help. Randy, however, he is able to pull the knife out easily. Randy later uses this knife to kill Leslie.

Old Wooden Placard

This placard, which bears the saying "Home is where the heart is," helps Jack to determine the real meaning of the game that White is playing.

Three Days Ago

Three days ago was when Susan came into the house.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

It is when the Tin Man is trying to get Randy to kill that he asks if thirty pieces of silver would help him make up his mind. The reference is to the payment that Judas accepts in exchange for betraying Jesus.

Crackling White Light

This crackling white light represents goodness and destroys the evil spirits.

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