House - Chapters 42 - 43 Summary & Analysis

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Chapters 42 - 43 Summary

In Chapter 42, as all of those in the room look in shock at the dead girl, there is a slight crackling sound. Susan's blood is laced with a crackling white light. Stephanie drops to her knees beside Susan, telling Jack that she is the light. Meanwhile, the Jacks in the room begin to chant the word "kill" over and over again. When Stephanie cries out the words "Son of Man, have mercy on me, a sinner," Jack realizes the true meaning of the game. Fingers of power reach into Jack and the light pours out of him just as it does Susan and Stephanie. The Jacks disintegrate into fog when the light comes close to them. The light throws Tin Man into the air and then drops him in a pile on the floor.

The only sign outside the house of what is happening inside takes place at 6:17 a.m., when a flash of light goes off in the basement. Then, a white light pours from the windows and cracks around doors. The light shoots blindingly into the sky, then is gone.

In Chapter 43, Stephanie and Jack are watching the house from behind a wall. Two police cruisers are already parked in the yard, with three more on the way. When Jack and Stephanie awoke, they'd found the bodies of Randy, Leslie and White. Susan was nowhere to be found. The police arrived as Jack and Stephanie came out of the basement. When Lawdale had not reported for his midnight shift, officers had found him dead inside his house. They had found his police cruiser and tracked it to the only house near the area. After the police go inside the house, Jack sees a movement in the woods. It is Susan. She tells Jack and Stephanie that Tin Man locked her in the basement, but admits that she had come willingly. Stephanie believes she is an angel. As they talk with her, they hear on the police radio that the officers have found only the bodies of Randy and Leslie, no White. Susan tells them that White is not finished. As they watch, an attic window opens and they see the inbreds standing just inside. Stephanie takes a step toward the house and shoos the inbreds. They disappear. Susan has disappeared also.

Chapters 42 - 43 Analysis

In this final section of the novel, Jack and Stephanie finally realize the intent of the game. Through the evening, they have been made aware of their own shortfallings and the evil that they harbor in their own hearts. With the death of Susan, they finally realize that it is only by accepting the offering of an innocent savior that they will be able to survive and be freed of their own sins. Susan represents the savior, but causes Stephanie to realize that she must confess her sins to Christ Himself. Jack joins her plea for forgiveness. While the others in the novel leak black smoke when they are killed, Susan gives forth a crackling white light that has the power to overcome the host of evil Jack and Stephanie look-a-likes.

During the encounter, the Tin Man is injured by light that comes from Susan but is not killed because his body is gone when the police enter the house to inspect it. Stephanie suspects that the man will continue with his spree of murders.

Susan's body disappears also, but she later reappears to Jack and Stephanie. She tells them that while she had been locked in the basement, she had allowed Tin Man to lock her in the basement willingly. This is similar to the way that Christ comes to earth willingly as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Stephanie believes that Susan is an angel, as she appears to them after she was obviously dead in the basement of the house. Susan also disappears from Jack and Stephanie's sight just as mysteriously as she appeared.

This section contains 661 words
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