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Chapters 39 - 41 Summary

In Chapter 39, Jack and Stephanie follow Susan blindly through the basement of the house. Susan leads them through a maze of hallways, black fog and masked Jacks to the study. Stewart is in the study. He is holding a shotgun.

In Chapter 40, Susan, with an ax in her hands, puts herself between Stewart, and Jack and Stephanie. Susan asks Stewart if he knows who she is. At this point, Betty and Pete join them in the room. Susan lays down the ax. Jack makes a lunge for Stewart with the ax but Stewart steps out of the way. In a surprise move, Susan gets the gun away from Stewart and orders them against the wall. There is a rapping heard on the door, then the doors begin to bow. Susan warns them that it is only the light that will save them. The door opens and the Jacks enter. As they watch, the Tin Man enters the room.

In Chapter 41, Tin Man tells Jack that if he will kill Susan, he will let them go, as he let Randy go. Later, though, Jack catches sight of one of the "Jacks" in the crowd that is actually Randy. Randy tells Jack that he killed Leslie and Tin Man shoots him. When the Tin Man again orders Jack to kill Susan, Jack tells him no. Susan turns to Jack and tells him that only the death of a guiltless person will satisfy Tin Man's lust for death.

Meanwhile, Tin Man is becoming more and more unglued. He doesn't understand why his game has gone so badly askew. He almost killed Jack for refusing to kill Susan, but Susan stepped between him and Jack. Now, Tin Man isn't sure if he is capable of killing Susan. When Susan turns to him and tells him that Jack has refused to kill her, Tin Man shoots Susan. Susan's body crashes into Jack and she dies in his arms.

Chapters 39 - 41 Analysis

Notice in this section of the novel, Jack has finally decided that he trusts Susan. He is now allowing himself to be led blindly through the basement with its maze of halls, dangers and enemies. It is at this point that Jack gives himself and Stephanie completely over to the mercy of this young girl.

Once the group is in the study with the group of masked apparitions, Betty, Stewart, Pete and Tin Man, Jack realizes that when Susan speaks of using his strength to overcome the enemy, she isn't speaking of physical strength. Jack learns this lesson the hard way when he attacks Stewart but makes no impact on the man.

It is also learned in this section of the book that the Tin Man had no intention of letting the others go even if he was presented with one dead body. This is proven when Randy kills Leslie, but no one is set free. In fact, even Randy is shot by the Tin Man when he tells Jack that he killed Leslie.

Another important issue in this section of chapters is the effect that Susan has on the Tin Man. He has apparently intended from the beginning of the novel for someone else to do the job of killing Susan. He had no idea that he would be put in the position of having to kill her himself. When he comes to the point of being forced to do this job, the Tin Man is not sure that he is able of committing the act. He is angry both with himself and the girl for the unnerving feelings that he has while in her presence.

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