House - Chapters 33 - 35 Summary & Analysis

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Chapters 33 - 35 Summary

In Chapter 33, Susan's voice cuts through Jack's frustration. He turns to see she is holding the Tin Man's mask. Susan tells Jack that if he kills her, they will all die. They must instead destroy the man responsible for setting up the game. She tells him that Lawdale and the Tin Man are the same person. Randy, who decided earlier in the novel that he wants to kill the girl, grabs Susan by the hair and tells Jack killing her is the only way for them to survive. As Leslie and Jack run after Randy, they are stopped by Lawdale who requests that they kill him.

In Chapter 34, the Tin Man/Lawdale tries to convince Jack to shoot him. In an attempt to determine the truth about him, Jack uses to gun to dislodge the bandana that covers wound. For several minutes, there is no black smoke from the gash and Jack begins to wonder about Susan's trustworthiness. At Leslie's prodding, Jack pulls the trigger. The gun doesn't fire and Jack realizes that Lawdale emptied the gun when he last had it. It is at this point that Jack realizes that Lawdale really is the Tin Man and that Susan has been telling the truth all along. Leslie and Jack run to the upstairs bedroom where Randy is trying to get to Susan, who has hidden in a closet. There is a knock on the door and the Tin Man, still masquerading as Lawdale, enters the room.

In Chapter 35, the Tin Man forces the five of them to sit along the wall. Susan starts to speak but the Tin Man fires his gun. He puts a strip of tape over her mouth to ensure she can't speak. He tells them how he killed Lawdale and took his police cruiser to be sure there would be enough players for his game. He indicates his eyes are black because the evil is in his head—the same black evil that seeps out of the cut on his arm. He tells them they have six minutes left to figure out the game or he will burn the house down with them inside.

Chapters 33 - 35 Analysis

It is in this set of chapters that Jack learns both that the Tin Man is masquerading as Lawdale and that Susan is telling him the truth. Lawdale has already offered to die for the group. Just before he tries to force Jack to take him up on the offer, Susan has tried to tell Jack that Lawdale is really the Tin Man in disguise. Jack decides to test the man to make sure that he won't be shooting a cop if he does decide to go through with his plan. He uses the barrel of the gun to knock a bandage off a cut on the man's head. Because there is immediately no black smoke, Jack believes that Susan was lying to him when she said Lawdale was evil. As Jack watches, black smoke begins to ooze from the Tin Man's cut.

Leslie urges Jack to kill Lawdale, but when Jack pulls the trigger, the gun only clicks. This is when it clicks with Jack that it was Lawdale who removed the bullets from the gun so that Jack wouldn't be able to kill him, even if he wanted to. When the Tin Man looks up at Jack, his eyes are black, instead of the blue of the trooper's eyes.

In this instance, Tin Man works as an anti-Christ in the novel. He comes as a false savior. He pretends to be one who can save Jack and his group from their predicament. He is attractive and appears to be a person who can be trusted. In reality, however, Lawdale turns out to be the enemy in disguise, seeking to lead Jack and his group away from the real intent of the game.

This section contains 654 words
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