House - Chapters 30 - 32 Summary & Analysis

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Chapters 30 - 32 Summary

In Chapter 30, Jack and his group try to get out the back door that Lawdale came in but are unable. The windows now even have bars on them. After Randy has no luck with the gun on the back door, he tries the ax with no progress. Lawdale takes the ax to the living room wall with the same luck. There is a thumping sound from inside the walls. Lawdale tells Randy and Jack to get their guns and follow him. Black smoke comes from under the basement door and burns the words "ONE DEAD BODY OR SIX DEAD BODIES" in the outside of the door. At this point, Lawdale appears unnerved. He orders them to spread out to find some way out of the house.

In Chapter 31, there is only about thirty minutes left in the game. Stephanie and Randy head upstairs to look for a way out. Randy considers killing Stephanie but realizes he will be charged with murder. After Lawdale comes upstairs to check out what Stephanie has found, Randy considers killing the cop and claiming he mistook him for White. Lawdale tries to force his way out of the attic. He explains to Stephanie and Randy that White has not been caught because he has not left anyone alive to tell others the meaning of the game. He surmises that the whole game is about good and evil and what's inside. Lawdale wonders if there is one of them who will volunteer to die for the rest of them, and for the whole world.

In Chapter 32, Leslie and Jack have had no luck finding a way out through the main floor of the house. Leslie tells Jack she believes the house is after her because she is a whore. Leslie wonders where God is and why He is not helping them. They hear Susan crying and running through the house. They find her in the living room where she is being attacked by the armoire. Susan tries to talk to Jack but her words are interrupted by all of the doors in the house slamming in unison. Lawdale appears just in time and shoots down the ax that had come to life and was threatening to kill the trapped girl. As Susan runs away, she tells Jack that he is going to get them all killed. Lawdale again tells them they may need to play White's game as he has prescribed. He offers himself as the dead body. Lawdale tells them he is going to try to find Susan and will be back in twenty-five minutes. Leslie and Randy discuss, or rather, argue about their options.

Chapters 30 - 32 Analysis

It is in this section of the novel that Jack wonders if Lawdale is part of the game. The cop does manage to get them out of the basement, but then they can find no way out of the house. In a way, Lawdale seems to be just as frustrated with what is going on as the others do. He appears to be legitimately trying to get them out as he attacks the walls of the living room with the ax. He also appears just in time to free Susan from the armoire and the ax that appear to be trying to kill her. Notice also that Susan continues to try to talk to Jack but the house interrupts and masks her words with slamming doors. Jack is able to understand only that Susan believes that Jack will get them all killed.

The idea of salvation is very strong in this portion of the novel as Lawdale insists the world needs to know about what is going on in this game. He suggests that the only way to tell the world about the game and save them from this serial killer is for one of them to survive the game so that they can tell the rest of the world what is happening. It is in this section of the novel that Lawdale introduces the idea of the sacrificial lamb who volunteers to die for the rest of them. As Lawdale leaves Randy and Leslie with his suggestion, Leslie wonders about the reality of killing Randy. She agrees that Randy is a sinner and is evil, but wonders if even in Randy's sinful state if he really deserves to die. This same question can be put to all of humanity. Although we are all bad, is there one who deserves to die to redeem others for their sins?

As the time in the game winds down, it appears that the stress and action of the novel is coming to a climax. So far the players have not been able to come to any decision about the best way to escape from the house. They know that White requires that someone must die so that his requirements to let the rest of the group go can be fulfilled. Thus far, Lawdale has been the only one who has stepped forward and volunteered to die for the others.

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