House - Chapters 27 - 29 Summary & Analysis

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Chapters 27 - 29 Summary

In Chapter 27, the four discuss their fate and try to determine what they should do to win the game. As they talk, a man beats on the door demanding to be let in. It is Officer Morton Lawdale.

In Chapter 28, Lawdale tells them that he believes they are the planned victims of a serial killed called the Tin Man. The officer tells the group that he is more worried about the fact they are dealing with a haunted house than with a serial killer. He believes the house isn't aware he is inside yet and that he may still be able to get back out. Lawdale plans to get out of the basement and back into one of the upper floors of the house. He hopes to get Jack and his group out through the interior door that leads to the basement.

In Chapter 29, Jack's group discovers there is black smoke seeping from what they believe is the door leading to the main hallway that leads to the basement door. When they open the door, they find themselves back in the boiler room. Their twins are there, facing off as they were before the smoke originally disappeared from this room. Susan calls for them to follow her. Jack slams the door and does so. Before they reach the stairs, Stewart is standing there with a loaded shotgun. Jack hears footsteps and turns to see the Tin Man walking toward them. Just in time, Lawdale opens the basement door. Before Jack makes it out, the Tin Man lifts his mask to show his face. It looks like the face of a man from the grave. Once upstairs, the main house is different also, looking as if it had been abandoned for decades instead of being a neatly cared for inn.

Chapters 27 - 29 Analysis

In Chapter 27, Lawdale re-enters the action of the novel and the tone changes. The four now have a reason to believe that they might make it out of their predicament as Lawdale puts a new opinion of their situation. The group has no reason not to believe this is not the real Lawdale as he cracks his neck, just as the officer whom Stephanie and Jack met in the first few chapters of the book did. Since he is a police officer, Lawdale is accepted by society as a person who can be trusted intrinsically. It is difficult, however, not to recall Lawdale's bizarre behavior at the beginning of the novel.

It is also in this section of the novel that the house changes one more time. Once they get upstairs, Jack and his group find that instead of a neat inn, they are in a house that appears to have been abandoned decades ago. The food that they had set down to eat just a few hours ago is rotten and bad. The condition of the house is described as a death that is clearly alive.

This section contains 496 words
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