House - Chapters 12 - 14 Summary & Analysis

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Chapters 12 - 14 Summary

In Chapter 12, the attention turns to Leslie. She has to run away from Pete into the basement. Leslie runs through the basement until she locks herself into a room. As she looks at the room, Leslie has a terrifying feeling of déjà vu. The room reminds of her of the one in which she was violated as a child. A bowl of cream on a dresser that looks just like one that Leslie had as a child draws her attention. She believes it is vanilla pudding laced with caramel. Leslie dips her fingers into the pudding and eats some of it. As soon as she does so, she realizes how irrational her behavior has become. As she thinks, Pete appears in the room. He is prideful as he tells Leslie that the room is his. Leslie decides to play along with Pete. She keeps up the charade well until she stops in front of the dresser and realizes that she cannot see herself in the mirror. Pete will only say that the mirror is broken and doesn't work. He pulls a bag of dog food from the closet and tells her it is cereal and eating it is what has made him so strong. He makes Leslie feels his muscles and Leslie is temporarily transfixed by his strength.

The conversation turns to White and Pete tells Leslie that he believes that White intends to kill them if they don't kill the girl, Susan. Pete becomes more and more agitated as Leslie tries to get him to talk about Susan. Finally he tries to force her to eat his dog food concoction. When she knocks the bowl from his hand and scatters the contents, Pete becomes enraged.

In Chapter 13, Jack finds himself in a tunnel. He wonders if the game is about the house, but then believes his idea is crazy. Jack hears a scream. He runs from end to end of the tunnel, trying desperately to find a way out. When he finally stops, he hears the singing of a young girl again. Meanwhile, Pete is still trying to convince Leslie to eat the dog food pudding. Although she really tries, she is unable. As a punishment, Pete straps her to a spinning dartboard and throws darts at her. The first dart strikes her thigh.

In Chapter 14, Jack hears the humming again and locates a small doorway in the tunnel. There is a girl in the room. It appears she has been staying there for some time. After she concludes that Jack is a friend, she wraps her arms around him. The girl tells him there is something wrong with the house. Jack wonders if he can trust the girl.

Chapters 12 - 14 Analysis

In this section, another character, a young innocent girl named Susan is added to the action of the novel. Jack finds this girl in a small room off a tunnel. Since the girl was hiding in this room and appeared to have been staying there for several days, this may be why Betty and her gang wondered if Jack's group had reached the tunnel yet. The reader learns through Pete's conversation with Leslie that he believes that White wants them to kill Susan, the girl whom Jack later finds in the tunnel. He tells Leslie that Susan can't be trusted, setting up a question of Susan's integrity before she is ever introduced into the novel. Pete also becomes very agitated when Leslie questions him about Susan. This agitation indicates how strongly Luke feels about the girl.

In this section of chapters, it is learned that Leslie willingly ran into the basement to try to get away from Pete. Pete, however, followed her downstairs and found her in the room in which she chose to hide. The room the Leslie finds herself in is interesting because of the emotions that it evokes in her. She is both fearful of and comforted by the strange room. It is indicated that she may have been raped or sexually violated in a room such as the one that she finds in the basement. The smells of vanilla potpourri remind her of her grandmother. She finds a bowl of vanilla pudding in the room that she is drawn to and eats with her fingers. It is while she is eating this pudding that Pete walks in and finds her.

References to sin continue to be mentioned in these chapters. One of the most obvious is Luke's indication to Leslie that she must eat her sin, which is in the form of the dog food pudding. Even though Leslie ate this pudding before and liked it, once she realizes what it is, she can no longer bear the idea of eating it. Just like the pudding, sin seems enticing until one realizes what it really is.

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