Hope Was Here Quotes

Joan Bauer
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"'Hon, leaving you with Addie was the best thing I could have done for you. You need constants in your life.' She had a different hair color each time she said it."
Chap. 1, p. 5

"My favorite book when I was little had pictures of baby animals, like foxes and lambs and ducklings, who were being raised by other animals, like dogs, geese, and wolves."
Chap. 1, p. 6

"Addie says it's easy to go to a new place and feel like you don't have a history, so you have to lug your history around with you or it's too easy to forget."
Chap. 2, p. 8

"Here I was—my body heading to one place, my heart stuck in another. My mind's got questions and no answers."
Chap. 2, p. 11

"No matter what happens in the world, from war breaking out to computers taking over out minds and bodies, there's always going to be a need for a good waitress who can keep the coffee coming and add up the check in her head."
Chap. 4, p. 29

"You tell me what this world's coming to when the voter's choice for mayor is between a dying man and a crook."
Chap. 6, p. 49

"Everyone needs a spin doctor."
Chap. 8, p. 62

"Tell him that lies and dirty tricks never win in the long run. Tell him that fear is no way to govern people."
Chap. 11, p. 100

"For a minute her whole face lit up. She was real pretty when the light went on inside."
Chap. 11, p. 102

"One person can make a difference, two can start a revolution."
Chap. 12, p. 110

"A good sailor knows how to steer into the wind, to use the power to his advantage. You don't become a real sailor until you sail in a storm. Then you test what you know, you see what you and the boat and the wind are made of."
Chap. 13, p. 125

"You don't understand the power of loss when it first hits you like a baseball coming fast from an out-of-control pitcher. You reel back stinging from the blow."
Chap. 18, p. 162

This section contains 344 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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