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Joan Bauer
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Hope Yancy

Hope Yancy is a sixteen-year-old girl who is being raised by her Aunt Addie. Addie took Hope in when her younger sister, Deena, had Hope. Hope was only two pounds when she was born and the doctors didn't give her very good odds of pulling through. But even at that young age and fragile beginning, Hope had an inner strength that proved more than once in her life that helped her survive. Hope's biological mother, Deena, was a self-centered woman who was more concerned with her string of lovers than she was with raising a baby. She "gave" Hope to her older sister, Addie, who always wanted a child but couldn't have any. Deena had named Hope "Tulip" when she was born. As soon as Hope turned twelve, Addie helped her legally change her name to Hope because "hope" was always a good thing to have.

Hope loved her aunt and was grateful for her but she didn't necessarily like the vagabond life they led. Working as a cook, Addie moved from state to state in order to find enough work to support herself and Hope. But it was difficult for Hope. She attended six different schools in five years. When they moved to a small town in Wisconsin, Hope was less than thrilled. They had lived in New York City for the past several years where she made friends and earned money in the same restaurant as Addie. But the restaurant closed down and Addie accepted the position as head cook at a diner in Wisconsin.

Hope had always fantasized about finding her father one day. When she met G. T. Stoop, the diner's owner, she didn't realize that she was meeting the man who would become her father. G. T., of course, wasn't her biological father but he was a man who proved to be the most caring and loving father she could have ever dreamed of.

G. T. Stoop

G. T. Stoop was a man in his late fifties who owned a diner in Mulhoney, WI, named "Welcome Stairways." He named his diner that unusual name after a legend about a double staircase that led to both the left and right. It was designed that way so that guests coming from either direction would feel welcomed. G. T. had been widowed for four years and had recently been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Despite the tragedies in his life, he was a happy and positive person. He was upset about the corruption in his town and decided to run for mayor. G. T. decided to use every precious minute he had left as best he could.

He hired Addie as his head cook and her niece, Hope, as a waitress for his diner. G. T. was immediately drawn to them. They saw that he was a man with good values that he was faithful to no matter what happened. They supported him in his run for mayor and in his fight against corruption in town. After becoming mayor, G. T. proposed to Addie and after they married, told Hope, who never knew her father, that he wanted to adopt her. G. T. was the father that Hope had been wanting to find all her life and he was a better father then she could have ever imagined.

Aunt Addie

Aunt Addie took in Hope when her mother didn't want to raise her. Aunt Addie was a hard worker and very proud of her cooking abilities.


Eddie Braverman was the grill cook at the diner. He had put off going to college to help care for his sick mother and little sisters. He and Hope became romantically involved.

Lou Ellen

Lou Ellen was another waitress at the diner. She was at first resentful that Hope was hired but later appreciated her support when her baby daughter Anastasia became very ill.

Eli Millstone

Eli Millstone was Mayor of Mulhoney for eight years. G. T. ran against him for mayor when he realized that Millstone was corrupt and on the take.


Yuri was the Russian immigrant who worked at the diner. He was the host and busboy.


Flo was the floor manager at the diner. She was a friendly woman who got along with G. T. and all the employees.

Brenda Babcock

Brenda Babcock was a deputy sheriff in Mulhoney. She was a courageous and honest deputy and eventually was named Sheriff when the former sheriff was charged with corruption.


Deena was Hope's biological mother. She wasn't inclined to care for a baby and gave her away to her older sister. Hope only saw Deena a handful of times in her life.

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