Hope Was Here - Chapter 21 Summary & Analysis

Joan Bauer
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Chapter 21 Summary

The flowers and notes poured in. Addie and Hope were overwhelmed with grief. Addie closed the diner for a few weeks. Even though the diner was closed, they put vases of flowers on every table, in honor of G. T. Pastor Hall spoke at G. T.'s service, thanking him for the honor of being his friend. Hope loved it when Mrs. Pettibone shook her hand at the service and told her that she had her father's eyes.

Hope and Braverman were getting ready to go off to school. They decided to leave on the same day so it wouldn't seem like they were leaving each other behind. Sheriff Babcock was made acting-mayor and Eli Millstone was just barely staying out of jail thanks to the work of his lawyers. A few days before she left, Hope took a small marker and wrote "Hope was here" on the inside of one of the cabinets. That evening, the diner was filled with people. The day's special was Addie's chicken pot pie. Flo and Hope were taking orders while Addie and Braverman were trying to keep up in the kitchen. Hope wished G. T. was still there—but it many ways he still was.

Chapter 21 Analysis

Life goes on for Hope. Her life of disappointments and abandonment had actually prepared her for the biggest loss she had ever known. She writes in a cabinet that "Hope was here". It was an appropriate note. Not only did it signify that Hope worked and lived there, it also conveyed the message that there was always hope that your dreams can be fulfilled even though the path to them might not be the way you would design it.

This section contains 289 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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