Hope Was Here - Chapters 11 and 12 Summary & Analysis

Joan Bauer
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Chapters 11 and 12 Summary

Chapter 11

Every high school kid that showed up at the diner was told to spread the word - vote for G. T. - to ten of their friends. There were calls for a thorough investigation into the Tax Assessor's actions. G. T. was pushing himself too hard. Hope saw him steady himself against the wall, color draining from his face. Addie's great cooking was bringing in more and more diners. Addie and G. T. didn't see eye to eye on her cooking. He thought it was perfect and the best the town had ever seen. She said it still needed improvement.

The town was under stress. Four burglaries had occurred in the past week—one at Adam's house. Babcock figured out that only supporters of G. T. were burglary victims. G. T. called for a thorough investigation and had a message for the mayor: Dirty tricks and lies never win in the long run. Using fear was no way to govern. His words were printed in the Mulhoney Messenger. The next day the Real Fresh Dairy and several other companies pulled their advertising from the Messenger.

Hope told Lou Ellen that Anastasia was lucky to have her for a mother and that she thought Lou Ellen was really brave. Lou Ellen didn't know where Anastasia's father was. Hope responded that she didn't know where hers was, either. At the dairy, Broom announced his support of Millstone for mayor across the loudspeaker. It was very busy that evening in the diner. Suddenly, a woman screams. There was a dead mouse in her salad. The woman left, vowing that her lawyer would be in touch with the diner. All the other diners were naturally disgusted. Deputy Babcock was there and told the couple she would take the mouse and keep it as evidence. The woman started to change her story. She'd forget about the whole thing. After she left, Babcock told the others to go ahead and eat. It seemed as though the woman was trying to close the restaurant down.

Chpater 12

Hope and G. T. headed off for a day of politicking. G. T. refused to look at the list of people who had contributed to him. He didn't want to feel like he owed anyone anything if he won the election. Their first stop was the Wisconsin Cheese Company. G. T. prayed before he went in. While G. T. shook hands, Hope handed out literature. G. T. acted like each person was the only person in the room. A woman started a chant, "Kick Millstone's butt." Most of the people joined in. On the car on the way to another event, Hope almost teared up when G. T. told her that her mother was missing out on a great daughter. G. T. got through the long day but he was pale and exhausted by day's end.

Chapters 11 and 12 Analysis

Chapter 11

Everyone is worried about G. T.'s health and whether he's going to make it through, but G. T. seems to have a a lot of inner strength. Hope is showing herself to be a very kind and compassionate person. She tries to prop up Lou Ellen through the crisis with her daughter. Anastasia's father's whereabouts are unknown. Hope feels a connection to Lou Ellen and Anastasia because they had been abandoned by the baby's father just like she had been abandoned by her father. The mayor's side is playing dirty politics. A female diner tried to sabotage G. T.'s diner by planting a mouse in her salad. The dairy owner is putting pressure on his workers to vote for Millstone by announcing his support for him at work. The question lingers: How can G. T. and his small group of honest campaign workers combat a rich dairy farmer and the current mayor who participate in dirty politics?

Chapter 12

Even though he seems to be gaining popularity, Hope is having her doubts whether or not G. T. has the strength to keep going. Hope is touched by G. T. when he tells her that it is the mother who abandoned her who is missing out. G. T. has a growing affection for Hope. He is the father she never had.

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