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Julie Garwood
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Madelyn is living under the cruel tyranny of her brother, Baron Louddon, when Baron Duncan Wexton makes an appearance under a flag of truce. The two men have been feuding, but the truce lasts only a short time. Duncan is taken captive, undressed and tied to a post in the courtyard where the soldiers plan to let him freeze to death. They soon bore of the waiting and go inside where it's warmer. Madelyne slips out to Duncan, cuts him free and takes him to the visiting priests' room where she puts his cold feet to her bare belly in an attempt to warm him. Duncan will say later that it's the most unselfish act he'd ever seen and that he'd begun falling in love with Madelyn from that moment.

In actuality, Duncan is out to exact revenge on Louddon for raping Adela, Duncan's younger sister. He plans to kidnap Madelyne as part of that revenge - an eye for an eye, as Duncan says. The problem is that Madelyne desperately wants to leave Louddon's house and had already planned to run away. She doesn't put up a huge argument when Duncan takes her from Louddon's home. On their way to Duncan's castle, Louddon's men attack. Though Madelyne is on a horse, the battle eventually moves to her hiding place and envelopes her. When she sees Duncan's younger brother, Gilard, about to be attacked from behind, she intervenes by killing the attacker. She's injured and when they reach the castle, Edmond sews up Madelyn's leg.

Adela swears that she hates Madelyne and Madelyne eventually has enough of the abuse. She forces Adela to bathe, put on clean clothes and she brushes the girl's hair. Madelyne knows that Louddon raped Adela, but she insists that Adela tell her about it in an effort to begin healing. Adela admits that Louddon didn't commit the rape, but stood by as his friend Morcar raped Adela. Madelyne and Adela become close friends. Adela eventually accepts that Gerald, her betrothed, is not put off by the rape, that he loves her and wants to marry her anyway. Adela takes some time, but finally agrees.

Madelyne and Duncan are married by a priest who turns out to be an imposter sent by Louddon. When they discover they aren't truly married, they are married again by Madelyne's Uncle Berton who is a priest. Berton will eventually go to live with Madelyne and Duncan.

Though Madelyne and Duncan fight it, they fall deeply in love. When Louddon tries to tear them apart by insisting that Madelyne be returned to his house, Madelyne and Duncan stand before the king and tell him of Louddon's treachery - including his attack on Duncan who entered under the flag of a truce.

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This section contains 464 words
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