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Hide and Seek is a novel by popular writer James Patterson. In this novel, Maggie Bradford, a famous singer and song writer, is accused of killing her second husband, Will Shepard. This is the second time Maggie has been involved in the death of her husband and the third in which a lover has died in unverifiable circumstances. As Maggie waits for her trial to begin, she writes down her story not only to convince the world of her innocence, but to convince herself as well. Hide and Seek is a typical Patterson novel, filled with his unique style and quick pace that will leave readers, old and new alike, breathless until the final page.

Maggie and her daughter, Jennie, hide under the front porch of their home in West Point as Maggie listens to her husband, Philip, search the house for them. Maggie is injured, having suffered a beating at her husband's hands, and convinced he will kill them both should he find them. Maggie listens for hours, begging the baby in her arms to remain silent. Eventually, however, the child cries out and Philip finds them. Philip fires a shot at them, misses. Maggie pulls the gun she has hidden and fires three shots, killing Philip.

Maggie moves her daughter and herself to New York City where she has an appointment to show her songs to the famous singer Barry Kahn. Maggie believes she has blown the interview and that she should move on to other song producers. However, Barry loves Maggie's music and offers her a job. At first it is a menial job, getting coffee for the staff, but Maggie learns a great deal about music. Barry also helps Maggie hone her craft until finally Barbara Streisand buys one of her songs.

Maggie and her daughter move to Bedford, a small community outside the city, where they settle into a quiet life. Maggie meets and falls in love with Patrick O'Malley, a hotel entrepreneur. They have a child together and settle into the good life, until one afternoon Patrick dies while alone, sailing his yacht with Maggie. Maggie is heartbroken and feels more alone than ever. To make matters worse, Patrick's son accuses her of murder when he learns that Maggie and her children have inherited a large portion of Patrick's estate.

As Maggie lives her life in New York, Will Shepard is growing more successful and more insane in England. Will Shepard is an American who was raised by his aunts after his father's suicide. Will hates England and turns to football in order to have an outlet for his anger. Will is a wonderful football player and soon finds himself accepting an offer to play professionally. As Will's skill on the football field grows, his wild behavior begins to grow off the field. Will dates many women, often married women, and treats them with indifference. Once Will becomes so angry at a woman for taunting him sexually that he rapes her. Later, after losing the World Cup, Will murders a woman.

Will listens to Maggie Bradford's music and comes to believe that she can see into his soul, that she can save him. Will meets Maggie at a party, but offends her with his self confident come-on. Later, however, Will goes to New York with the purpose of seducing Maggie Bradford. Will succeeds, despite the fact that behind Maggie's back he continues to see other women, often brutalizing them to satisfy the hunger of his insanity.

Maggie and Will's marriage seems idyllic at first, but the cracks soon begin to show. Will has an affair with an actress while filming his first feature film, leaving the woman cut and bleeding when she ends the affair. Later, Will begins disappearing for days at a time, leaving Maggie frantic for his safety. Finally, Maggie decides to do a concert in San Francisco and is shocked when Will hits her during an argument over the trip. Maggie decides to divorce Will and begins making preparations with her lawyers. On the day Maggie wants to tell Will to move out, she finds him in her daughter's bedroom.

Maggie orders Will out of the house and follows, carrying his shotgun, to make sure he really leaves. Maggie searches the yard for Will and is suddenly attacked from behind. Will beats Maggie and the gun goes off. When Maggie wakes, she discovers that Will is dead and she is accused of his murder. At trial, Maggie is found guilty. However, it is later discovered that Maggie's lawyer had knowledge of a secret group Will was a part of that paid the local chief of police to ignore any illegal activity on their behalf. Maggie is granted a re-trial and is found innocent.

Months after Maggie returns home to her family, Will resurfaces. Will killed his brother Palmer to get out from under blackmail payments made regularly to him and to escape his fame. However, Will is unhappy that Maggie has not been punished for not fixing him. Will breaks into Maggie's home with the intention of killing her and the children. However, Maggie manages to get the gun and shoots Will instead. Will survives, but a head wound has left him with the inability to communicate.

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