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Miss Evangeline Frye appears in The Binnacle Boy

Miss Evangeline Frye is the main character in "The Binnacle Boy." Miss Frye is a widow who lives in New Bethany. She is the mother of one of the boys murdered aboard the brig Orion. Miss Frye is an imposing woman, tall with a straight spine and long, coarse, gray hair who is more likely to be seen frowning or sneering than smiling. Her behavior is very proper and every rule of etiquette must be observed or it meets with Miss Frye's withering disapproval.

Miss Frye keeps to herself to the degree that she is practically a hermit. She blames society for many of her problems, including the corruption of her sons. Miss Frye is selfish which can be seen throughout the story, even when she rescues Ethan. Miss Frye treats Ethan like a doll that she is unwilling to share. The possession of the child was more about Miss Frye's need to possess and redeem herself than it was about caring for an abandoned child. Miss Frye also shows her extreme need for control.

It seems that Miss Frye does not like any of the three women but she tolerates them out of politeness. Miss Frye does seem to have some affection for Tekoa, albeit self-serving.

Miss Frye manages to maintain her composure when Sarah is accused of poisoning the sailors. Like many murderers, Miss Frye makes the mistake of confessing her sins at the eleventh hour. Tekoa knows Miss Frye's secret although it is not clear what the girl will do with the information.

Nicholasappears in Saint Crispin's Follower

Nicholas is a boy of indeterminate age, yet it can be guessed that he is in his early to mid teens. Nicholas is shy and awkward and is prone to daydreaming, which often gets him into trouble with Mr. Quince. Mr. Quince sees something in Nicholas and wants to foster it, turning the boy into a master craftsman.

Nicholas desperately seeks approval from Mr. Quince, Zeph, Mr. Flinder and, particularly, Juliana. As with most teens, Nicholas is uncertain of his actions and goals and often stands in his own way when it comes to getting what he wants. Following Saint Crispin turns out to be a wise choice for Nicholas, even though the decision is made out of desperation. This action brings with it an element of faith. Nicholas believes that he has nothing to lose and trusts in Mr. Quince's unconventional wisdom.

The end of the story is open, leaving the reader to surmise what will happen to Nicholas. There is a promising beginning between Nicholas and Juliana. Nicholas' actions and reactions show that he is open to learning and that he is on the brink of some major life lessons which will help him to mature, grow his self-esteem and trust in his own abilities.

Tekoa Peelappears in The Binnacle Boy

Tekoa Peel is a ten year old deaf girl. The girl is small with straw-blond hair. Tekoa works for Miss Frye as a maid and eventually becomes a lip reader for a group of gossipy women. Tekoa exhibits good morals and social etiquette, much more so than the adult women in the story.

Ethanappears in The Binnacle Boy

Ethan is the adopted son of Miss Frye. His surname is not given. Miss Frye found Ethan abandoned at a crossroads when he was an infant. While Ethan was growing up, Miss Frye refused to let Ethan be subjected to the church or public schools. Miss Frye was determined to have Ethan turn out as a cultured and refined gentleman. Ethan eventually rebelled and went off to sea.

Julianaappears in Saint Crispin's Follower

Juliana is the young girl who has captured Nicholas' heart. She is a pretty teenager involved in her own thoughts of revenge against her boyfriend until Nicholas opens her eyes.

Mr. Quinceappears in Saint Crispin's Follower

Mr. Quince is the master craftsman who owns the shoemaking shop in Charleston. Mr. Quince is an excellent craftsman and father figure to Nicholas.

Miss Catchflyappears in Saint Crispin's Follower

Miss Catchfly owns the local grocery store where the townspeople shop for their wares. Juliana also works there. Miss Catchfly is a venomous woman with nothing but unkind words for everyone. Shockingly, she is the object of Mr. Quince's affections.

Zorelliappears in The Man of Influence

Zorelli is a master sculptor and the main character in "The Man of Influence." Zorelli believes he is meant to serve the high-born, the rich patrons of Genoa. Zorelli learns that a person's appearance is not necessarily telling of his true character.

Ghostappears in The Man of Influence

The ghost hires Zorelli to carve a sculpture. Zorelli is at first horrified by the ghost's appearance but then comes to believe that he is a Man of Influence. The ghost turns out to be a cutthroat murderer who killed the heir to the house of Ferrante.

Lorenzo Ferranteappears in The Man of Influence

Lorenzo Ferrante is the much revered head of the house of Ferrante and the governor of Genoa. Lorenzo pays yearly visits to the grave of his dead nephew, the one he had killed in order to gain a position of power. Ferrante is greatly admired by Zorelli.

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