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Ghost World Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections:

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Ghost World by Daniel Clowes is a graphic novel about Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer, two girls who have recently graduated from high school. Enid and Rebecca spend most of their time making fun of other people they encounter and occasionally playing mean tricks on them. Enid and Rebecca both become romantically interested in a young man named Josh, which causes tension between Enid and Rebecca. This tension is heightened by the possibility that Enid might leave for college.

In the first chapter, Enid and Rebecca sit in Rebecca's bedroom and watch television. Enid tells Rebecca about a diner named Angels where she always sees a Satanist couple whom she finds interesting. The last time Enid ate there she met a strange man named Bob Skeetes.

In chapter two, Enid is holding a garage sale, but does not appear interested in actually selling anything because she abandons the garage sale to go to Angels with Rebecca in the hopes of seeing the Satanists. Enid and Rebecca do not see the Satanists at Angels, but do randomly run into them at a grocery store. Enid and Rebecca makes fun of the male Satanist for only buying Lunchables.

Enid cuts her hair into a punk style in the third chapter and goes with Rebecca to Angels and another cafe. Enid complains about every guy there, but Enid tells Rebecca that she is planning to meet a cartoonist the next week whose work she enjoys. Upon seeing the cartoonist, Enid is disappointed. At the end of the chapter, Enid explains to Rebecca that she is so sexually frustrated that she cannot even masturbate.

In chapter four, Enid calls Rebecca to say that she went to a pornography store with their mutual friend Josh earlier that day. The store makes Josh very uncomfortable. Enid also explains the story of the first time she had sex. Enid seems far more concerned with Rebecca's reaction to her sexual experience than the experience itself.

In the fifth chapter, Enid and Rebecca go to a 1950s themed diner named Hubba Hubba. While eating there, they go through the personal advertisements in a magazine and decide to call one of the men, claiming to be the woman he is looking for, and tell him to meet at Hubba Hubba. Enid and Rebecca talk Josh into driving them back to Hubba Hubba to witness the man from the personal advertisement's humiliation. The man soon figures out a joke is being played and curses at Enid, Josh, and Rebecca as he leaves, which makes all three feel remorseful.

Enid and Rebecca are eating at Angels at the beginning of chapter six and see Josh walking by outside, and they talk to him briefly. Later, Enid and Rebecca see the female Satanist by herself at a movie theater. By eavesdropping, Enid and Rebecca discover that the Satanists are no longer a couple.

Chapter seven begins with Enid and Rebecca going through old photographs, which leads Enid on a search to find a record from her childhood. Enid and Rebecca search the record stores but are unsuccessful, so they go to eat at Angels. Enid and Rebecca argue in the diner over the possibility of Enid leaving for college. Both girls cry over the fight, and Enid goes over to Josh's apartment and almost has sex with him before leaving.

In the eighth chapter, Enid prepares to take an entrance exam and move away to college. Enid tells Rebecca that Josh likes Rebecca more than Enid, and Rebecca begins seeing Josh. After Enid takes the entrance exam, she goes on a short trip with Rebecca to Cavetown, USA to relive Enid's only happy childhood memory. On the trip, Enid and Rebecca discuss the possibility of Rebecca moving away with Enid, but Rebecca ultimately rejects the idea. Back at home, Enid receives a letter from Strathmore College telling her that she did not pass the entrance exam. Enid visits Rebecca at work and goes to the beach where she gets an astrological reading done by Bob Skeetes. Enid leaves the beach and sees a woman painting "Ghost World" on a building, and Enid chases after this woman but cannot catch her. Enid boards a bus and leaves town.

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