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Consider the various memories recalled in Chapter 17, "Remember Earth Clearly." What would your most vivid, happiest memory be? Keep in mind the rule that it can't involve anything purchased, only experienced.

In what ways do you think setting the novel in the resort city of Palm Springs reinforces and/or illuminates aspects of its meaning - specifically, the situations of its characters and/or their journeys of transformation?

How do you regard how Dag, Claire and Andy all seem to be disguising truths about themselves in stories (about Otis, Linda and Edward)? Is the reader intended to see them as liars like Elvissa, manipulators like Tobias, or as Andy himself suggests, simply afraid of themselves? Explain your answer.

How aware do you think Andy, Dag and Claire are of the truths they're revealing about themselves in the stories of Edward, Otis and Linda? Why or why not? Keep in mind that the level awareness may not be the same for each character with each story.

What truths about Andy are revealed in his story about Edward? What truths about Claire are revealed in her stories about Texlahoma and Linda? What truths about Dag are revealed in his stories about Otis and the nuclear explosion?

Do you agree with the novel's apparent valuation of friendships over romantic / coupled / intimate relationships? Why or why not? How is your experience of friendship similar and/or different from your experience of a coupled relationship?

In what ways is your generation different from your parents' generation? What are the different experiences of / perspectives on history? Economics? Politics? Relationships?

Consider the titles of the various chapters and their relationship to the content of those chapters. Which illuminate the action? Which are ironic? sarcastic? foreshadowing? Which are related more to character than to action? Explain your answers.

When Andy describes his generation as "purposefully hiding itself," what do you think he and others like him are hiding from? Why do they feel it's necessary to hide?

This section contains 335 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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