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"I lay myself down on the ground ... and held my breath, there experiencing a mood that I have never really been able to shake completely - a mood of darkness and inevitability and fascination - a mood that surely must have been held by most young people since the dawn of time as they have crooked their necks, stared at the heavens, and watched their sky go out." p. 3-4

"'...most of us have only two or three genuinely interesting moments in our lives, the rest is filler, and that and the end of our lives, most of us will be lucky if any of those moments ... form a story that anyone would find remotely interesting.'" Dag to Andy, p.24

"' crisis wasn't just the failure of youth but also a failure of class and of sex and the future and I STILL don't know what.'" Dag to Andy, p. 30

"[Texlahoma] is a sad Everyplace, where citizens are always getting fired from their jobs at 7-11 and where the kids do drugs and practice the latest dance crazes at the local lake, where they also fantasize about being adult and pulling welfare check scams as they inspect each other's skin for chemical burns from the lake water." p. 39

"Inside the sedan are two couples, roughly my age ... wearing the reserved, please-don't-murder-me smile Japanese tourists in North America started adopting a few years ago. The expressions immediately put me on the defensive, make me feel angry at THEIR presumption of MY violence." P. 54

"Our parents' generation seems neither able nor interested in understanding how marketers exploit them. They take shopping at face value." p. 68

"Tobias ... embodies to me all of the people of my own generation who used all that was good in themselves just to make money ... who ended up blissful in the bottom feeding jobs - marketing, land flipping, ambulance chasing, and money brokering. Such smugness." p. 81

"I can see in [Tobias] something that I might have become ... something bland and smug that trades on its mask, filled with such rage and such contempt for humanity, such need, that the only food left for such a creature is their own flesh." p. 81

"'Give parents the tiniest of confidences and they'll use them as crowbars to jimmy you open and rearrange your life with no perspective.'" Dag to Andy, p. 86

"In their similar quest to find a personal truth, [Claire and Elvissa] willingly put themselves on the margins of society, and this, I think, took some guts. It's harder for women to do this than men." p. 88

"'...when I turned my head to walk across [the street], my face went bang, right into my first snowflake ever. It melted in my eye. I didn't even know what it was at first, but then I saw millions of flakes ... floating downward like the shed skin of angels ... traffic was honking at us, but time stood still ... to this day I consider my right eye charmed.'" Claire, p. 94

"'I was one of those goofy kids who always got colds and never got the hang of things like filling up gas tanks or unraveling tangled fishing rods. I'd always screw things up somehow; break something; have it die.'" Dag, p. 94

"'I remember very clearly standing by the stove and frying a batch of bacon. I knew even then that this was the only such morning our family would ever be given - a morning where we would all be normal and kind to each other and know that we liked each other without any strings attached ... and so I was close to tears ... feeling homesick for the event while it was happening.'" Andy, p. 95

" '...I had my suddenly young parents all to myself - them and this faint music that sounded like heaven - faraway, clear, and impossible to contact - coming from this faceless place where it was always summer and where beautiful people were always dancing ..." Tobias, p. 96

"I see hats and gems and pies - such lovely loot, begging for attention like a child who doesn't want to go to bed yet. I want to slit open my stomach and rip out my eyes and cram these sights inside me. Earth." p. 114

"When someone tells you they've just bought a house, they might as well tell you they no longer have a personality. You can immediately assume so many things: that they're locked into jobs they hate; that they're broke; that they spend every night watching videos; that they're fifteen pounds overweight; that they no longer listen to new ideas." p. 143

"...when you're middle class, you have to live with the fact that history will ignore you ... will never champion your causes and that history will never feel sorry for you ... all happinesses are sterile; all sadnesses go unpittied ... any small moments of intense, flaring beauty such as this morning's will be utterly forgotten, dissolved by time ..." p. 147

"'Growing up, Vietnam was a background color in life, like red or blue or gold - it tinted everything. And then suddenly one day it just disappeared. Imagine that one morning you woke up and suddenly the color green had vanished. I come here to see a color that I can't see anywhere else any more.'" Andy to Tyler, p. 151

"Only the disenfranchised can party with abandon - the young, the genuinely rich elderly, the freakishly beautiful, the kinked, the outlawed ..." p. 164

This section contains 913 words
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