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Alecappears in Quiz Bowl Antichrist

Alec is the narrator and a member of his school's quiz bowl team. Alec is mortified that Sung Kim, the leader of their quiz bowl team, petitions to be allowed to get a varsity jacket. Alec is the team's alternate who was drafted by Mr. Phillips, their coach, for his knowledge of English Literature, and he agrees because it will look good on college applications, he enjoys his literary knowledge, and he has a crush on another member, Damien Bloom. Alec is hopeful that he will get to share a hotel room with Damien when their team goes to Indianapolis for Nationals, but as Nationals draw near, Sung begins quizzing everyone in the hallways, irritating Alec who reacts by purposefully answering questions incorrectly until Damien chides him for his behavior. Alec is furious when he learns that Sung will be rooming with Damien while he is stuck with Wes. At the Quiz Bowl Social their first night in Indianapolis, Alec's mind is preoccupied with Damien who seems worried about something else while the rest of their team has a good time, so Alec and Damien go to Damien's room to watch a movie. The next day, Sung's team wins their first three matches, but during the last match of the day, Alec buzzes in for a science question and answers it incorrectly. Their team manages to win, barely, so Sung calls an emergency meeting where he yells at Alec for answering a science question. This leads to an argument which results in Alec telling Sung that quiz bowl does not matter since they only memorize the knowledge instead of doing anything useful with it.

Alec goes to dinner with Damien and Wes while the rest of the team goes out to eat with Sung. Alec feels bad about answering the question wrong. Damien and Wes try to cheer him up, teasing him by calling him the Quiz Bowl Antichrist. As Alec talks to Wes, he realizes that Damien is one of the reasons he joined quiz bowl, and he hopes that Damien finds him interesting. After dinner, Damien and Alec decide to watch TV in Damien's room again, but they walk in on Sung making out with Frances. Alec mocks Sung until Damien pulls him away and accuses him of having no heart. Alec is distraught that Damien would say such a thing, but since he cannot tell Damien what is really in his heart, he rushes to his room and locks himself in the bathroom. Thinking of Frances, Alec feels bad and wonders if he really doesn't have a heart, but when he asks Wes, Wes says that he is just very angry and suggests that Alec believes that no one will see him as a quiz bowl geek if he makes fun of Sung, the ultimate quiz bowl geek. Wes also notes that Damien likes girls. Practice is tense as half of the team is mad at one another, but Alec feels like he might be worth saving when he looks at Wes. After practice, Damien apologizes to Alec for the way he talked to him, and Alec agrees that he should not have been so mean to Sung and Frances. Their team loses the semifinals, but the local newspaper still takes their picture in which Wes and Alec look happy, as if only they are privy to some private joke.

Felicityappears in Everyone But You

Felicity is the narrator who moves from Asher, OH to Maui, HI when Mom marries Mr. Hunter. Felicity's family is poor because her brother, Carl, was born brain damaged, and Dad left because he could not deal with the situation. When Mr. Hunter has a stroke on an airplane and Mom, his Emergency Room nurse, is credited with saving his life, he proposes to her, so Mom marries the rich old man on the verge of death. Felicity worries about moving from Asher, OH to Mr. Hunter's home in Maui, HI. She is very popular in Asher because of her talent at baton twirling. During her first day at Kahanamoku Academy, Felicity is distraught to learn that the school does not have a band. Felicity tries to make friends by demonstrating what she has to offer, twirling her baton as she walks through the hallways, but after two days of having her baton taken, she leaves it at home. Felicity does not understand her new school since being peppy makes her unpopular, but she develops a crush on Kai Risdale, a beautiful, popular student. Felicity grows excited when Kai announces that everyone is invited to a party at his house, but when she tries to join them, Kai clarifies that he meant "everyone but you" (page 208). Kai also insists that Felicity's name is "Fellatio" which is soon shortened to "BJ". Felicity is miserable, but she turns her focus to her studies, determined to get accepted to a good college.

During the last semester of her junior year, Felicity spends her afternoons twirling in the park. One day, she drops it because she sees Kai and his friends, but when Kai tries to grab it, she whacks him upside the head with her baton. Kai says she is lucky he does not hit girls, but Felicity retorts that he is lucky she does not hit girls either, so Kai laughs and says she is alright. Later, an old man named Jimmy asks if Felicity has ever twirled fire, suggesting Auntie Alea's Luau where Felicity becomes the youngest baton flame twirler and the only white one. She also befriends another employee, Danny, who happens to be in her AP English class. When Kai and his friends come to the luau, they are impressed with Felicity's skills, but when Kai tries to hit on Felicity, she dumps a bottle of water over his head. After graduating as one of four valedictorians, Felicity is reluctant to leave the island, but her mother insists she should go places since Mom and Carl are grounded to Hawaii. Mom and Carl see her off at the airport, but Carl becomes agitated as Felicity explains why she has to leave. Finally, she hands him her lucky baton, though she knows she will never get it back. It now belongs to the brother she kisses goodbye. Felicity does not plan to continue twirling in college because she wants to see what else is out there.

Billie Faggartappears in Secret Identity

Billie Faggart is the fifteen-year-old narrator who travels to New York City to meet her online boyfriend, Paul Zell, in person. Billie Faggart writes an email to Paul Zell to tell him about their first attempt to meet in person. They met online in FarAway, but Billie pretended to be her older sister because she is only sixteen years old and Paul is thirty-four. When Billie gets to the hotel in New York City where she is supposed to meet Paul for dinner, the hotel clerk, Aliss, glares at a guy behind her whose name is Conrad who apologizes insincerely for standing her up. Aliss and several other people ask Billie if she is there to audition for sidekick as there is a superhero convention going on at the hotel. When Aliss hands Billie her hotel key and room number which Paul supposedly left for her, Billie takes the elevator upstairs with Conrad who tries to be charming in vain. In the room, Billie goes through Paul's suitcase, finding a diamond engagement ring buried at the bottom of his bag. After a nap, she talks to Aliss for a bit and is threatened not to hook up with Conrad. Billie arrives at the Golden Lotus where she is supposed to meet Paul at 6 p.m., but when he has not arrived by 7:30 p.m., she returns to the room and gets drunk off the liquor in the minibar, donning the engagement ring on her toe. Billie has vague memories of someone caring for her in her drunken stupor, but when she wakes, Paul's suitcase is gone and the room is empty. After she showers, Billie goes to Starbucks where Conrad joins her and insists on talking to her because Aliss can see them and he knows it will make her jealous. Billie tells Conrad about her plans with Paul, so he takes her to the kitchen where she meets Ernesto who provides her with a cure for her hangover. Conrad and Ernesto tease Billie about coming to meet a pervert she met online, but they believe Paul Zell and Billie are both superheroes, so frustrated, Billie eventually concedes that everyone is a superhero. Conrad invites Billie to a party later before going to school, and Billie spends the afternoon alone at Bryant Park, watching the chess players, which she and Paul had planned to do.

Back at the hotel, Aliss harasses Billie about Conrad, but Billie shows her the ring and tells her that Conrad was planning to give it to Aliss tonight. Aliss convinces Billie to go to Conrad's party with her, but Billie is uncomfortable when Conrad insists on introducing her as his sidekick for the night. When she tries to leave, Conrad follows and insists on showing her Ernesto's butter sculptures in the freezer; however, when he breaks the sculptures and launches butter at her, Billie locks him in the freezer for a bit. She releases him for fear that he will destroy all of the sculptures, but when Conrad claims that he and Ernesto are not friends like he and Billie are, Billie argues that they are not friends. Conrad insists that they will meet again, either as nemeses or in order to team up and save the world. Billie leaves a note for Ernesto, apologizing for ruining the butter sculptures, and she catches a bus home. At home, Billie receives an email from Paul Zell claiming he never made it to New York because he had an emergency appendectomy, and though she is relieved at first that they can pretend none of this happened, she realizes that would make Paul Zell pretty pathetic, so she writes him. She tells him that one day she will be older, and she has to believe that Conrad was right about people meeting again because Billie travelled to New York because she loves Paul Zell. On her eighteenth birthday, she plans to return to Bryant Park with her chess set and wait all day, ending her letter with "Your move, Paul Zell" (page 268).

Leta Millerappears in It's Just a Jump to the Left

Leta Miller is the main character of "It's Just a Jump to the Left." Best friends Agnes and Leta have been going to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" every Friday for months, and they are furious when Jennifer Pomhultz starts attending and acts like she has been a Rocky devotee for years. The two eighth-grade best friends made a pact to get their first kisses by the end of the school year, and Leta hopes hers will be with Tom Van Dyke, a junior who works at the concession stand in the Cineplex. Leta makes a fool of herself when ordering her food from Tom, but she is furious inside the theater when she sees Jennifer mimicking Columbia's moves because Columbia's role belongs to Leta. As Agnes and Leta wait for their ride home, Roger asks Agnes on a date, and Agnes accepts. Two weeks later, Agnes and Leta get into a fight when Agnes tells her friend that she cannot go to see "Rocky Horror" next Friday because she is going to a party with Roger instead. After student teacher Miss Shelton asks how Steely Dan's music makes her class feel, Cawley Franklin tells Leta that he does not know how the music makes him feel because he was busy looking at Miss Shelton's breasts. The next day, Leta tells Agnes that she let Roger finger her, but she makes her best friend promise not to tell anyone; however, Leta tells Cawley when she sees him at the Popcorn Players Community Theater where she spends her Wednesday afternoons. Cawley asks if Leta has ever done that, and when she admits she has never been kissed, he takes her to a rarely used men's restroom and kisses her. Leta feels awkward with Cawley afterward and rushes to her mom's car, pretending not to hear him calling after her. When Leta tells Agnes about the kiss, Agnes laughs at the thought of Leta kissing "Creepy Cawley", and by the end of the phone conversation, Leta finds the thought of Cawley to be untolerable.

When Leta goes to "Rocky Horror" alone on Friday night, she runs into Miss Shelton and her college friends who invite Leta to sit with them. Tom questions Leta about who she was talking to, and he joins them near the end of the movie, flirting with Miss Shelton. After the film, Tom says they should do this again, and Leta agrees, but Tom insists Miss Shelton be there too. On Wednesday, Cawley invites Leta to "Rocky Horror" on Friday, claiming that she has to take Jennifer down because Jennifer is planning to dance with the regulars as Columbia. Leta claims she cannot make it, but that night, she dyes and cuts her hair to match a picture of Columbia. On Friday night, as Leta looks for Tom's car, Cawley startles her when he approaches and suggests they can sit together, but she tells him she is waiting for another guy, so he leaves her alone. Leta finds Tom in the field behind the Cineplex where he gets high with some older kids. Miss Shelton joins them, but when Leta insists on making it to the movie on time, Miss Shelton and Tom leave together. Leta is upset that she sneaks in late and does not get to show off her new hair and clothes. Later that night, Leta finds Agnes sitting on her porch. Agnes tells her that she lost her virginity to Roger, but she cries because "I'm different now. I can't go back" (page 399). Agnes asks to stay the night at Leta's house, and after Leta agrees, the girls spend the night catching up on gossip.

Chung Aeappears in Once You're a Jedi, You're Always a Jedi

Chung Ae, AKA Arizhel, is the Klingon girl who gets drunk and spends the night with Thomas, eventually accepting the fact that she likes her enemy.

Thomasappears in Once You're a Jedi, You're Always a Jedi

Thomas is the Jedi apprentice who likes Chung Ae and is okay with his new attraction to the dark side.

Montgomery K. Bushnellappears in One of Us

Montgomery K. Bushnell is the head cheerleader who hires a group of geeks to teach her about science fiction so she can impress her boyfriend who is into "Star Trek." She studies hard and befriends the nerds, learning to appreciate their love for their obsessions with sci-fi.

Ryanappears in One of Us

Ryan is Montgomery's boyfriend for whom she learns about sci-fi from a group of geeks at their school, but he cheats on Montgomery with her best friend.

Micaappears in One of Us

Mica is one of the geeks who tutors Montgomery, and she develops a crush on him.

Ellenappears in One of Us

Ellen is one of the geeks who tutors Montgomery, but they become friends, and Ellen offers to let Montgomery give her a makeover.

Lexia Tollmanappears in Definitional Chaos

Lexia Tollman is the narrator's ex-girlfriend who joins him on his mission to deliver money to a Florida hotel for a sci-fi convention. She conducts a social experiment by pretending to steal the money.

Temptress Moonappears in Definitional Chaos

Temptress Moon is the narrator's avatar in Mayhem until Lexia kills her because she forces order in the world of the game.

Jane appears in I Never

Jane is the narrator of "I Never". She pretends to be Catherine Earnshaw in the Game and meets up with Ben who plays Heathcliffe at Xena's condo, but she soon learns that Ben's friend, Noah, actually wrote the letters she fell in love with, so she kisses him.

Benappears in I Never

Ben plays Heathcliffe in the Game, but he goes to the meetup in order to hook up with a lonely geek girl, not caring if it is Jane or someone else. Since Jane rebuffs him, Ben hooks up with someone else, but he is angry when Jane kisses Noah.

Noahappears in I Never

Noah is Ben's friend who actually wrote the letters Ben sent Jane. He likes Jane and tries to warn her that Ben is not the same in person as he is online during their walk to the lake. Jane kisses Noah.

Jim Huckerappears in The King of Pelinesse

Jim Hucker is the narrator who takes a bus to Boothbay Harbor to question R. P. Flint about his supposed affair with his mother, only to find out it never really happened.

Dawnappears in The Wrath of Dawn

Dawn is the narrator who goes on a blind date with Eric, but she gets angry when he mocks Dawn from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" so during the Buffy Sing-Along, she delivers a defense of the character.

Ericappears in The Wrath of Dawn

Eric is Dawn's blind date who mocks her favorite character from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Sung Kimappears in Quiz Bowl Antichrist

Sung Kim is the leader of the quiz bowl team who Alec teases for wearing a varsity jacket.

Damien Bloomappears in Quiz Bowl Antichrist

Damien Bloom is a track star and a member of the quiz bowl team who Alec has a crush on, but Damien likes girls.

Wesappears in Quiz Bowl Antichrist

Wes is on the quiz bowl team, and he is Alec's roommate on their trip to Nationals in Indianapolis. He realizes that Alec likes Damien, and it seems that Wes shares Alec's sexual orientation.

Tonyappears in The Quiet Knight

Tony, AKA Sir Silent, the Quiet Knight, does not speak often since his voice is rough because he burned his throat as a child by drinking bathroom cleaner. Tony meets Sorayah while participating in a role-playing game, and at school the next day, he defends her against bullies, offering his protection.

Sorayahappears in The Quiet Knight

Sorayah is a new kid in town who attends the same role-playing game as Tony. When some bullies pick on her and her younger brother at school, Tony announces they are under his protection.

Kai Risdaleappears in Everyone But You

Kai Risdale is an attractive, popular guy at Felicity's new school in Hawaii who invites everyone but Felicity to a party at his house. He also nicknames Felicity "BJ." When Kai hits on Felicity after seeing her twirl fire at Auntie Alea's Luau, Felicity dumps a bottle of water over his head.

Paul Zellappears in Secret Identity

Paul Zell is the guy Billie meets online, falls in love with and goes to visit in New York. Her email is written to Paul.

Conrad Linthorappears in Secret Identity

Conrad Linthor is a rich jerk who lives at the hotel where Billie is supposed to meet Paul Zell. He befriends Billie to make his pseudo-girlfriend jealous.

Laurenappears in Freak the Geek

Lauren is the narrator who has been chosen, along with her best friend, Kayley, to be one of the two geeks that be "freaked" this year. Her classmates surround her car and chase her and Kayley to the bridge. At the bridge, Lauren and Kayley get into a fight, but they make up and Lauren decides that the others' decision to taunt them is not her problem.

Katherineappears in The Truth about Dino Girl

Katherine is obsessed with dinosaurs and Jamie Terravozza. She compares boys to dinosaurs because she does not know much about either one. She tries to befriend Jamie's girlfriend, Andi, but when Andi sees Katherine's sketch of Jamie's tattoo and tells Jamie, Katherine and her best friend, Sooz, decide to ruin Andi by posting a semi-nude picture of her all over town and school, claiming she loves sex. This leads to Jamie dumping Andi.

Rachel Banksappears in This Is My Audition Monologue

Rachel Banks is the narrator who performs her audition monologue which she wrote herself because she is determined to be memorable.

Peter Bermanappears in The Stars At The Finish Line

Peter Berman is the narrator. He has been in an academic competition with Tabitha Bell since third grade because he said he wants to be an astronaut like her, though it is not true. Peter is in love with Tabitha, and he offers to help her with the Messier Marathon. They wind up making out after he confesses that he never really wanted to be an astronaut.

Tabitha Bellappears in The Stars At The Finish Line

Tabitha Bell is the girl with whom Peter has an academic competition. She wants to be an astronaut, and she accompanies Peter to the Messier Marathon where they hook up.

Agnesappears in It's Just a Jump to the Left

Agnes is Leta's best friend who loses her virginity to Roger.

Tom Van Dykeappears in It's Just a Jump to the Left

Tom Van Dyke is the junior boy that Leta has a crush on, but during what Leta believes is a date with Tom, Tom leaves with Miss Shelton.

Cawley Franklinappears in It's Just a Jump to the Left

Cawley Franklin is a weird boy in Leta's class who is the first person to kiss her.

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