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Eva Luna - Chapter Five Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Five Summary

Life continues for Eva Luna until a scandal involving her madrina changes everything. Madrina gives birth to a stillborn infant, one with two heads, one black one white. The resulting uproar drives the madrina over the edge into madness. Unable to work because of the notoriety, she disappears for long stretches of time, then materializes, demanding Eva's wages. Madrina threatens and begs alternately, until the patrona becomes angry and fires Eva. Eva and Elvira are distraught at being separated, but Elvira always manages to find out where Eva is and visits when she can.

Eva finds work with a Yugoslavian woman who treats her well. The woman has invented a ceramic-like material she calls Universal Matter, with which she can recreate almost anything. Her creations crowd her home, from ashtrays to a complete shrine to an Egyptian pharaoh. Eva would be happy to stay with this woman, but a group of boys play a prank and the woman flees the country in fear.

Eva is next placed with a member of the Cabinet and life is amazing for a very brief period. The first night Eva is there, an elaborate banquet is thrown. Eva relishes all the sights and sounds, as she will no longer have to imagine them for the stories she tells. The excitement ends, however, when Eva realizes that one of her jobs is emptying the chamber pot of the patron. Disgusted, Eva puts up with things for five days, but finally she snaps, dumping the pot on the man's head and fleeing.

In the center of the city, 13 year-old Eva looks for Huberto. Finally exhausted, Eva finds a quiet alley in which to sleep. Huberto arrives, leery of who is searching for him. When he discovers the girl is Eva, Huberto is thrilled and falls back to the easy smile of his youth. Taking Eva to the bar of El Negro for a meal, Huberto then deposits her in the home of his friend, La Senora, instructing the woman to fix Eva up and teach her to read. Eva is excited by the thought of reading, but La Senora scoffs, telling Eva that there are more important things.

Eva lives with La Senora for several months. She meets Melesio, an effeminate Italian teacher who insists that he is not gay, but a woman in a man's body. La Senora finds Melesio a job in a cabaret where he performs while dressed as a woman. Melesio is the most popular act, and the wealthy citizens of the city flock to see his show. Melesio and Eva are fast friends, and La Senora seems to have developed a fondness for the girl as well.

Things change once again when a new police sergeant is assigned to the red light district and ignores the long standing habits of bribery and looking the other way. Life for all is a constant disruption of raids and problems. Melesio decides that the people in the area should send a letter to the authorities, reminding them of the benefits they have received throughout the years. The effect of the letter is not what the citizens have hoped for and midnight raids are conducted. Melesio is arrested and Eva flees with La Senora. La Senora tells Eva to go away as she must concentrate on helping Melesio. Lost and alone, Eva feels abandon once again. The citizens of the area unite and the people of the red light district join in and a riot takes place over several days. The Revolt of the Whores does not last long, as the police step in, but chaos makes it impossible for Eva to find anyone she knows. Frightened, the young girl stays out of sight.

Days pass and Eva is on the streets, dirty and tired. A man calls out to her and Eva is not even strong enough to respond. The man takes her to a restaurant and gets her some food and water. The man asks Eva where her family is and she replies that she has no one. The man takes her to his truck and the two drive through the night. Eva sees the Palace of the Poor, a mansion of El Benefactor that has been taken over by squatters since the man died. The sight is beautiful to Eva. The truck finally arrives in a town surrounded by lush vegetation filled with fruits and flowers of all kinds. The man, Riad Halabi, tells Eva the town is called Agua Santa, and that they are home.

Chapter Five Analysis

The life of Eva Luna changes drastically and the reader is witness to the strength of character that the young girl possesses. Though life working for the brother and sister is not easy, Eva had asserted herself and conquered the woman, allowing her the ability to work in peace. While there, Eva's relationship with Elvira thrives, and the two become as close as family. Eva continues to spin her stories for the older woman, and Elvira treats Eva as a granddaughter, sharing her bed and playing games in her coffin.

Eva's madrina ends things after the tragedy of her malformed stillbirth. The tragedy ruins the woman and her mind snaps. Unable to work and afraid to be seen by the public which hates her, madrina is in and out of Eva's life and frightens the girl when she does turn up. Eva's madrina causes her to lose the job with the patrona and the patron when she demands Eva's pay, accusing the brother and sister of compromising a minor. Fed up, the patrona fires Eva to be rid of the madrina.

The positions that Eva have later are many, but only two are highlighted. The first seems insignificant, with the exception of the strange Universal Matter that the Yugoslavian woman uses to recreate objects. The position does not last and Eva moves onto the home of the Cabinet Minister. The reaction that Eva has to the opulence around her can be expected, as she has grown up in a different lifestyle. Eva is thrilled that she will be able to add to the stories she creates. The day to day life in the home of the minister leaves something to be desired, however. Eva shows the reader that even though she is relatively young, at this point approximately 13, she is unwilling to settle for unfairness in life. Eva demonstrates this in a graphic way by dumping the chamber pot on the head of her employer.

Huberto enters Eva's life again, now more of a man than a boy. Eva has had a crush on him since they parted years earlier, and the handsome young man he has become brings a rush of feelings. Huberto looks on Eva as a sister, and instructs his friends to do so as well. This frustrates Eva, as living with La Senora and learning about sex and relationships from the girls that work for her has opened Eva's eyes to a new world.

Eva becomes friends with Melesio, La Senora's best friend. Melesio is a bit of a lost soul, a woman trapped in a man's body. The cabaret where he sings at night allows him the freedom to be the person he believes he is. He flourishes there until the fateful night that the red light district is raided and he is arrested. La Senora leaves Eva, intent on saving her friend, and Eva is once again alone. Fate brings Eva a kind man, one who feeds her and takes her to his home, deep in the jungle. Eva will see her friends again, but it will be years.

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