The Epic of Gilgamesh Setting

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The poem is set mainly in Mesopotamia, where modern day Iraq is today. The story is set in ancient times, most like around 2700-600 BC, which is when scholars believe it was originally written. The setting is a time when people believe gods ruled the world and often got involved in the lives of mortals.


Uruk is the kingdom where Gilgamesh rules. Uruk is also where the people grow so tired of Gilgamesh always outshining the men of the kingdom that they ask the gods to make a man who can rival Giglamesh.

Cedar Forest

The Cedar Forest is where Humbaba lives. This is where Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to kill the creature and make a name for themselves. The battle is hard fought and Enkidu has to constantly talk Gilgamesh into fighting. It ends with Humbaba’s death. Afterward, Enkidu cuts down the oldest tree in the forest to make a door for Enlil’s city of Nippur.

Water of Death

The Water of Death is a body of water Gilgamesh must cross to find Utanapishtim.

This section contains 180 words
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