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Francesca Zappia
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This study guide was created using the following version of this book: Zappia, Francesca. “Eliza and Her Monsters.” Greenwillow Books. 2017.

Eliza and Her Monsters tells the story of Eliza Mirk, the creator of a successful web comic called Monstrous Sea. Eliza keeps her identity as the creator of the web comic unknown. She is still in high school and is socially awkward and insecure. Her parents and brothers do not understand Eliza's creativity. Thus, she has a distant relationship with her family as she immerses herself in the online world she has created.

When a student named Wallace transfers to the school, Eliza shows him around. During the tour, Wallace sees one of Eliza’s drawings and asks her if she is a fan of Monstrous Sea. Eliza lets Wallace believe that she is just a fan. Wallace invites Eliza to a cosplay contest at Halloween, and they both dress up like characters in Monstrous Sea. Eliza interacts with fans of her work and feels strange about not revealing herself as the creator.

Eliza turns to her online friends Max and Emmy about her burgeoning relationship with Wallace. Eliza feels awkward around Wallace. She is not sure what is happening with their relationship. Eliza and Wallace continue to get closer. Wallace sends Eliza an email detailing his father’s suicide and problems Wallace had speaking after his father’s death. Eliza is not sure how to react to Wallace revealing so much of himself to her. Eliza acknowledges reading the email but does not talk about it. Eliza feels worse about keeping her identity a secret from Wallace after he reveals such intimate details.

Wallace writes fan fiction for Monstrous Sea. When he shows pages to Eliza, she likes what she reads. She encourages him to continue writing. When they talk about the series, Eliza mentions another author's name, Olivia Kane, who went into hiding and did not finish a popular series because of pressure from fans. Eliza does not want to end up like Olivia Kane. Eliza knows how she wants to end the Monstrous Sea series. She works compulsively, losing track of days, even forgetting that it is Christmas Day.

Eliza and Wallace continue to get closer. As graduation approaches, Eliza’s secret is revealed. Eliza’s parents put a message in the school newspaper explaining that they are proud of their daughter and her creation of Monstrous Sea. Eliza is humiliated in school, learning how many of her classmates, and even one of her teachers, are fans of her work. When Wallace finds out, he refuses to speak to Eliza.

The pressure gets to Eliza, and she is unable to go to school or work on the series. Eliza is angry with her parents for exposing her, but they did not know Eliza was keeping her identity secret. Eliza avoids the online forums as well, trying to figure out what to do now that her safe place has been exposed.

Eliza goes to see a therapist and is diagnosed with anxiety. The doctor helps Eliza work through her treatment, which enables Eliza to be able to reconcile with Wallace and finish Monstrous Sea.

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This section contains 530 words
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