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Marcus Emerson
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The following version of this book was used to create this guide: Emerson, Marcus. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja. Emerson Publishing House, 2012.

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja is a children’s novel by Marcus Emerson in which 11-year-old Chase Cooper stands up to the Buchanan School ninja clan and becomes a ninja himself while protecting his cousin, Zoe, from being framed.

When the novel begins, it is the first day at a new school for Chase, as he and his family have moved across town. The only person Chase knows who attends Buchanan School is his cousin, Zoe, a friendly and popular girl who goes out of her way to be nice to everyone. Zoe has great respect for Chase because Chase is family and he wants Chase to fit in quickly. She becomes Chase’s guide to Buchanan School, pointing out unkind kids like Wyatt, while making a point to be friendly to unusual but goodhearted kids like Brayden, who claims to hunt werewolves.

At gym one day, Chase and Zoe see a pair of eyes watching them from the woods near the track. Upon investigating the spot with Brayden, a group of ninja kids take Brayden hostage. They tell Chase, Zoe, and Brayden they will let Brayden go provided none of them says anything about what they have seen to anyone. The next day, Chase and Zoe are given the chance to join the ninja clan. Chase believes it will be cool to be a ninja, while Zoe is willing to join just to make sure Chase fits in. The lead ninja reveals himself to be Wyatt, and prepares Chase and Zoe for their test of allegiance. They must steal the purse of Zoe’s good friend, Emily. Zoe goes along with this because she values Chase as her family even though she knows it is wrong. When Wyatt dumps the contents of Emily’s purse out all over the ground just because he can, Zoe has had enough and quits. Chase, who really wants to be a ninja, refuses to quit with Emily, betraying her by refusing to quit. Wyatt vows revenge against Zoe.

The next day, Chase is given his first real ninja assignment. He is to carry Zoe’s backpack to the main office at school and tell the secretaries he found it in a bush. He is instructed not to look inside or he will face vengeance like Zoe. Chase’s curiosity, as well as his loyalty and remorse toward Zoe, cause him to look in the bag. It is full of food drive money that the ninjas have stolen. Chase knows he cannot turn in the bookbag or Zoe will get in serious trouble. He and Brayden decide to sneak the money back into the food drive collection box, but they are confronted by Wyatt and the ninjas. Chase refuses to back down from Wyatt, who begins to beat up Chase. Chase refuses to fight back as Zoe, Emily, and others watch on. Finally, Mr. Cooper, the gym teacher, sees what is happening and intervenes. Wyatt is taken away.

Emily helps to clean the blood off of Chase’s face, telling him his stand was manly. This makes Chase happy. Chase and Zoe also make amends. The ninjas approach Chase about being their leader. It is explained that Wyatt was power-hungry, and was leading the ninjas in a bad direction. The ninjas now want someone honorable, like Chase, to lead them. Chase says he will think it over. The ninjas tell him to hurry up because they are expecting a pirate invasion. As Mr. Cooper sends Chase to the nurse, Chase decides that he will indeed become the ninja leader.

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