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Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind, is a story about Abigale, a young mother, and her desperate attempt to save her daughter. Her country is at war, and Abigale is willing to sacrifice everything to save those she loves. Abigale hurries to save her daughter while trying to convince the a powerful wizard, called the First Wizard, to answer a debt of bones.

Abby travels from her home at Coney Crossing to the Keep where the Mother Confessor and all those powerful in the gift reside. The gift is the ability to use magic. Abby's mother had the gift although it skipped Abby. Abby and several others wait outside to be allowed in to see a wizard. Abby has nothing but a sack and a bracelet that her mother gave her. A sorceress, Delora, takes the group of people in the Keep. Abby asks to see the First Wizard, Zedd Zorander. An elderly woman and a nobleman say they must see the First Wizard as well.

The nobleman goes to see the First Wizard before Abby and the elderly lady. Soon one of the nobleman's servants comes back into the room holding the head of the nobleman. The elderly woman tells Abby that her name is Mariska, wishes Abby good luck and leaves. Abby asks the First Wizard to help her to save her family and those in her village as they were taken captive by soldiers from D'Hara working for Panis Rahl. Abby had heard the soldiers say that they were going to use the captives as shields so the first weapons or magic fired on the D'Hara troops would be what killed the captives. Zedd apologizes that Abby's family has been taken but says he can't help. Zedd's wife was killed by Panis Rahl agents and they kidnapped his daughter. The nobleman that was killed came to tell Zedd his wife would be killed if Zedd didn't surrender.

Abby is told to go to an inn and stay for the night and Mother Confessor, a powerful sorceress, and Delora say that they will ask Zedd to inspect a debt of Bones that Abby has brought. Abby's mother had told her that the debt of bones had been between Abby's mother and Zedd's father. That night the elderly woman, Mariska, comes into Abby's room and reveals that she will be the one that kills Abby's baby girl and husband if Abby doesn't get the First Wizard to come to a trap that has been set. Abby says she will.

The next day Zedd finally agrees to help Abby after looking at the bone that Abby had brought and said it was indeed a debt of bones. Abby, Zedd, Delora and a few soldiers start on the way. Zedd and Abby are alone when a Mord-Sith attacks them. A Mord-Sith is trained to kill one skilled in the gift, and they can only be killed by a confessor. Abby has decided she can't help Panis Rahl and begins to kill the Mord-Sith when Mother Confessor steps out and kills the Mord-Sith. Zedd tells Abby that he knew she had been forced to trap him.

Zedd gives Abby time to try and find her daughter in the camp of the D'Hara's before he unleashes a spell on the enemy that will kill all in the camp. Abby's bracelet begins to get warm while she is looking for her daughter and her bracelet leads her to Zedd's daughter. Abby rescues the child realizing her own child will die. Zedd casts his spell once Abby is back. After Zedd has the spell cast Abby realizes that Mother Confessor and Delora were able to save the captives from the D'Hara soldiers. Abby's family and all the villagers are safe.

Zedd doesn't kill those in D'Hara deciding it is better to leave the innocent alive with the evil rather than kill the innocent with the evil. Zedd tells Abby that the debt of bones had been owed to his father by Abby's mother since his father had saved Abby's life when her mother was in labor. Zedd then tells Abby that the debt is paid since she rescued his daughter. Zedd puts boundary wardens around the wall to make sure people don't walk into it since it is a wall of death and can't be seen once it stabilizes. Zedd made enemies by leaving people alive but he is certain it was the honorable thing to do.

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