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"Pitt told Victor of his sighting of the out-of-control blimp during the sailboard marathon race, the mad ride while clinging to the mooring line, and the last-second capture only a few feet away from potential disaster, ending with his entry into the gondola." Page 50, Part I, The Prosperteer, Chapter 6.

"Pitt shrugged and offered his arm to Angelo. 'Let's make it official. You lead me out.' Then he turned to Jessie. 'One last thing, Mrs. LeBaron. I don't respond to shabby treatment. You needn't bother to contact me again, ever." Page 63 - 64. Chapter 8.

"Rykov spoke very calmly, 'I have proof that someone is on the moon.'" Page 91, Chapter 12.

"But their intelligence analysts had no reason to believe Selenos 4 was anything but a scientific deep-space probe that was programmed to land in Cuban waters." Page 113, Chapter 16.

" 'For Mother Russia and the party,' he said solemnly. 'Arm the cosmonauts and order them to strike the Americans.'" Page 115, Chapter 16.

"I find that surprising. The Cubans detest the Russians. Their viewpoints on life don't mix at all." Page 176, Chapter 26.

" 'Very simple,' said Velikov in a manner as friendly as if he were passing the time of day with a mailman. 'Whether by accident or by design, you have stumbled onto our most sensitive military installation outside the Soviet Union. You cannot be permitted to leave. After I learn the true facts, you will all have to die.' " Page 186, Chapter 27.

" 'If you don't,' said Gunn gravely, 'you'll die too, and no one will be left alive to tell what's happening here.' " Page 213, Chapter 33.

"His name is Dirk Pitt, and according to Velikov he's the most dangerous of the lot." Page 238, Chapter 37.

"Do not judge harshly, Vince. These men are patriots, not traitors. Their only crime is silence. Take the case of Hudson and Eriksen. Pretending to be dead all these years. Think of the agony that must have caused their friends and families. The nation can never compensate them for their sacrifices or fully comprehend the rewards of their accomplishment." Page 240, Chapter 38.

"No one would have thought it to look at them. They considered themselves moral-minded citizens doing a job for their country. The last thing any of them expected to see in a mirror was the reflection of a cold-blooded killer. To say that the President had his audience in the palm of his hand would be an understatement." Page 263, Chapter 43.

"They wouldn't make contact under a flag of truce if they were acting from a position of strength. Their intelligence people and tracking systems on earth warned them of our arrival, and they must realize they're outgunned. Americans are capitalists. They look at everything from a business viewpoint. If they can't make a fight for it, they'll try to strike a deal." Page 283, Chapter 47.

"You don't know those men. They'll never allow the results of their efforts to be given away to a hostile government. If I was up there and Eli Steinmetz was down here, he wouldn't hesitate to blow the Gettysburg to ashes." Page 340, Chapter 56.

"Hollyman's distinguished career in the Air Force was finished. Despite the fact he was carrying out orders, he would forever be branded as the man who blasted the Gettysburg and her crew out of the sky. He experienced a fear and an anger he had never known before." Page 346, Chapter 58.

"Polevoi had unwittingly dug himself into a hole and now he shrewdly climbed out of it by switching the course of the briefing. 'Operation Run and Cola is still in progress. We may have been cheated out of the space shuttle and a rich source of scientific data, but it is an acceptable loss compared to gaining total mastery of Cuba.' " Page 368, Chapter 61.

"Velikov grinned crookedly. He seemed to have no nerves at all. 'Another man, another time, and you will surely be killed, Fidel. I know. I helped create five alternative plans in case this one failed.' " Page 448, Chapter 75.

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