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A Collier, or ship carrying 309 passengers and crew that has a strange crate aboard on her final voyage from Rio de Janiero to Baltimore. She sinks off the coast of Cuba.

The Prosperteer

An aluminum clad ZMC-2 Zeppelin Clad Number Two blimp refurbished by Raymond LeBaron and purportedly used for treasure hunting over the Caribbean, looking for sunken ships.

Inner Core

The few key men who are totally informed about Jersey Colony. They are purported to have penetrated the highest levels in NASA, the Pentagon, and likely the President's White House staff.

Southern Comfort

Sweat's thirty-five foot cruiser. Utilized as his second office and as a backup police cruiser.

Crogan Castle

The ship that sends Cyclops a distress signal.


Pitt's 1951 convertible, a vintage British car.


National Underwater and Marine Agency .

La Dorada

The great treasure reputed to be aboard Cyclops. She is a golden woman thought to be a representation of the wife of a ruler called on to kill her.

Borscht Paste

A food substance given to Russian Cosmonauts.

Harvey Pattenden National Physics Laboratory

Where Ira Hagen first picks up the trail of the Inner Core.

Cayo Santa Maria

The Cuban island where Pitt and his companions are tortured and held prisoner. It is also the site of the most secret Soviet military installment outside of Russia and it is only two hundred miles off the course of Florida.

Door Number Six

The torture room on Cayo Santa Maria.

Motor and Bathtub

Objects Pitt uses to create a makeshift boat used to get off of Cayo Santa Maria.

Rum and Cola

The code name for the Russian-planned Cuban takeover plot that includes killing Raul and Fidel Castro and blowing up Havana harbor to lay blame at the feet of the United States and its CIA.

Selenos 8

The Soviet moon vehicle that will carry seven cosmonauts, five of them soldiers armed to take over the American lunar colony.


The U.S. attack submarine that rescues Dirk from the Bahama Channel.

Diving Helmet

The Mark V, Serial #58-67-C. The helmet that Pitt finds on the modern diver's remains at the wreckage site of the Cyclops.

San Salvador Island

Smallest island of the Bahamas where Pitt and the assault team train.


Agreement to halt all future nuclear missile placement.

57 Chevy

The taxi that Pitt takes from Herberto Figueroa.

Ozero Zaysan

Soviet cargo ship loaded with military supplies and equipment.

Ozero Baykai

200,000 ton oil tanker.

Amy Bigelow

Cuban operated ship filled with 25,000 tons of ammonium nitrate.


Tugboat Jack uses to move the Ozero Baykai from its docking position.

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