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Dirk Pitt

The protagonist of the story and a member of NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency. His love of the ocean and varied abilities underwater make him the perfect choice to help Jessie LeBaron try to track down her husband, believed to have perished looking for the Cyclops wreckage off the coast of Cuba. This act takes him on a collision course with danger, treachery, espionage, and adventure. They encounter a hurricane, the Cuban shore patrol, a dive on the Cyclops, and then a desperate landing on Cayo Santa Maria during the hurricane. Looking for help and medical assistance, they find instead a secret military installation built by the Soviets just two hundred miles off the coast of Florida.

Pitt's sardonic demeanor does not sit well with the Soviets, or the man they use to torture the prisoners into confessions. Deciding that staying on the island is a waste of time, Pitt manages to escape using a small motor and a bath-tub. He gives succinct details of the island and the people left on it to the top security advisers of the U.S. Going back to the island does not bother Pitt, for his friends are still there and he is duty -bound to rescue them. After they accomplish their mission on the island, Pitt is forced at gunpoint to head to Cuba where even more adventures await him. His quick mind is able to see through the Soviet's great bomb plot. The CIA operatives in Cuba have been looking for a nuclear device, and Pitt determines that the Soviets are using a more basic yet very lethal device using fertilizer and proximity. Using every ounce of his physical and emotional strength, Pitt manages to avert what could have been a horrible catastrophe. Hundreds of people still die, but he has prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens. In general, Pitt is a freewheeling and sarcastic man who can easily liven up a room just by walking into it.

Al Giordino

Assistant Projects Director of NUMA. Al is also Dirk's best friend, short and stocky build of Italian descent. He and Pitt have known each other since before they started school together. Al is willing to join Pitt on any adventure Pitt deems worthy of undertaking. This time, he joins Pitt and Rudi Gunn on an adventure aboard the Prosperteer in order to track Raymond LeBaron's last flight to see if they can find any clues to the financier's whereabouts. Giordino suffers a torn knee tendon and suffers brutal torture at the hands of the Soviets. He willingly encourages Pitt to make a run for safety, for his escape just might free those left behind on the island. Sandecker knows Giordino to be the sort of man who is outgoing and readily volunteers for the dirtiest jobs and projects and loves to steal Sandecker's expensive cigars. Al's relationship with Dirk goes back to their kindergarten days when they first met. They have known one another nearly all their lives, and have become closer than brothers. Al's personality is a wonderful addition to the story. He is an Italian, short, barrel-chested, easy-going, but as acerbic as they come. His friendship with his NUMA friends is a cherished possession for him, and he will do everything in his power to see to it that he comes to the aid of any of them at any time.

During their incarceration on Cayo Santa Maria, Giordino and Gunn are held in the same room, both of them having been injured in the crash of the Prosperteer and then hurricane-aided landing on the shores of the island. They join forces and give each other great moral support. Al never loses his sense of humor, and uses it to keep their spirits up even though they have been assured that they will be killed. At the end of the story, Al joins Admiral Sandecker in Cuba looking for what they believe to be Pitt's body. His friendship is such that he could not allow even his friend's body to be abandoned.

General Peter Velikov

Commander of Russia's most secret military installation. He is well educated, well-read, and completely cold and without conscience. He does not care that Pitt and his companions ended up on his island by accident. The purpose of the island is a secret, and he will kill all of the intruders in order to maintain that secret. He is wily, and manages to escape when Cayo Santa Maria is invaded and the military installation destroyed. He goes to Cuba where he continues to work on the Soviet goal of assassinating Fidel and Raul Castro, and then taking over the Cuban government and installing a very strong Soviet presence in the Western Hemisphere. Velikov is the antagonist of the book in the form of a person.

Raymond LeBaron

Very wealthy publisher who refurbishes the Prosperteer and embarks on what seems to be a treasure hunt for sunken ships, but instead is looking for more modern treasure, a Russian spacecraft.

Jessie LeBaron

Wife of Raymond LeBaron, though not exactly. She has acted as his wife, but is unable to marry Raymond because he is still married to his previous wife. Jessie is a bit of a snob in the beginning of the story, but she learns to appreciate the finer qualities of a man like Dirk Pitt, a man willing to do anything to aid his country, and to prevent harm to innocent people. She is also a nationalist, and having been given the task of making contact with Fidel Castro, she is absolutely determined to accomplish her mission. So, despite her capture and imprisonment on Cayo Santa Maria, her torture at the hands of the Soviets and the true death of her husband; Jessie still forces Pitt to turn toward Cuba when they were heading back to the U.S. and safety. There, she appreciates Pitt's tremendous varied talents and is able to accomplish her mission.

U.S. President

Discovers the well-kept secret of the moon colony, Jersey Colony only because it is in trouble. His job is to keep world peace as well as celebrating the phenomenal accomplishment of the United States in their successful effort to live on the moon. His hands are tied in many different directions.

Buck Caesar

The owner/operator of Exotic Artifact Ventures. Essentially, he is a treasure hunter, and he is responsible for reigniting Raymond LeBaron's interest in his blimp.

Joe Cavilla

LeBaron's copilot aboard the blimp. He is sixty years old and a Brazilian native.

Reggie Salazar

Golf caddy to the president who is knocked out and replaced by an intruder during the president's weekly golf game.

Calvin Rooney

Dade County coroner, native Floridian, U.S. Army veteran, and Harvard Medical School graduate.

John Church

Lieutenant aboard the Cyclops during her final voyage in 1918.

George Worley

Lieutenant Commander of the Cyclops on her final voyage in 1918.

Alfred Gottschalk

American consul general to Brazil who dies aboard the Cyclops just prior to her sinking in the Carribean.

Tyler Sweat

Dade County Sheriff, investigating the three corpses aboard the blimp.

James Sandecker

Director of NUMA - the National Underwater and Marine Agency. He is a fitness freak and a very close friend to Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino and Rudi Gunn.

Raphael O'Meara

Archaeologist, specializing in pre-Columbian art and artifacts.

Hiram Yaeger

Computer wizard at NUMA.

Colonel Ralph Morehouse Sigler

Trained geologist and engineer in the British Army.

Ira Hagen

Undercover agent and brother-in-law to the U.S. President. He is commissioned secretly by the President to discover the identities of all remaining nine men of the Inner Core, the ones responsible for Jersey Colony on the moon. Ira moves around the country, and almost like a ghost he manages to get in and out of places without being apprehended. He rounds up all the Inner Core in time for a debriefing with the President at Camp David.

Anastas Rykov

Soviet geophysicist who sees humans on the moon.

Maxim Yasenin

The second Russian to know of men on the moon.

Sam Emmett

Chief of FBI.

Sergei Zochenko

Russian Cosmonaut.

Alexander Yudenich

Russian Cosmonaut.

Ivan Ronsky

Russian Cosmonaut.

Earl Mooney

Head of the Lab.

Gunnar Eriksen

Supposedly died in 1965, and was known to be obsessed with building a colony on the moon. He did not died in the plane crash, he is alive and part of the Inner Core.

Georgi Anatov

Soviet President.

Vladimir Polevoi

Head of State Security of the Soviet Union.

Sergei Kornilov

Chief of Soviet Space Program.

Rudi Gunn

NUMA overseer who joins Pitt and Giordino on the blimp, retracing Raymond LeBaron's last known path. He is driven to be perfect and has the drive to accomplish this. His ability to organize is unsurpassed, and is one of the most friendly men alive.

Clyde Monfort

Caribbean Joint Task Force.

Ed Steinmetz

Engineer and leader of Jersey Colony on the moon.

Dan Fawcett

The U.S. President's Chief of Staff, everything concerning the President goes through him. He is the last member of the Inner Core to be identified.

Foss Gly

American turned Soviet interrogator and torturer.

Grigory Leuchenko

Assault team commander on the moon.

Lyev Maisky

Deputy head of First Chief Directorate.

Marty Grogan

Director of CIA.

Alan Mercier

National Security Adviser.

Kermit Fulton

Commander of the attack sub Denver.

Raymond Kleist

U.S. Marine Corps, retired.

Angelo Quintana

Head of the Cayo Santa Maria invasion.

Hans Kroenburg

Identity of the diver whose body is found at the Cyclops wreckage.

Hilda Kroenburg

Actually Hilda LeBaron, widow of Hans Kroenburg who married Raymond LeBaron but when she grew ill he places her in a nursing home and pretends to marry Jessie.

Dmitri Petrov

Lunar landing party member.

Willie Shea

Colony geophysicist.

Ivan Ostrovski

Afghan veteran, member of the Soviet lunar landing party.

Mikhail Kruschuk

First Soviet to be shot on the moon.

Fidel Castro

Ruler of Cuba.

Raul Castro

Brother to Fidel.

Jack Sherman

Commander of the Space Station.

Irwin Mitchell

NASA director of flight operations.

Dave Jurgens

Commander of the space shuttle, Gettysburg.

Carl Burkhart

Co-pilot of the Gettysburg.

Merv Foley

Houston Controller.

Gus Hollyman

The Air Force pilot who is ordered to shoot down the Gettysburg.

Alicia Dorder

Secretary of the Central Committee to be named Fidel's replacement.

Herberto Figueroa

The taxi driver and owner of the 57 Chevy that Pitt takes.

Tom Clark

Chief of Special Interests section in Cuba.

Viktor Kolchak

Chief of Soviet Military Forces and Advisers based in Cuba.

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