Cyclops - Part VI, Eureka! The La Dorada: Chapters Summary & Analysis

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Part VI, Eureka! The La Dorada: Chapters Summary

November 8, 1989

Washington, D.C.

The United States gets word that the ships detonated four hours ahead of schedule and that much of the port of Havana is in flames. Loss of life is estimated to be in the thousands; but it is infinitely better than initially expected. The U.S. offers relief aid immediately under the auspices of the Red Cross. Open communication between Castro and the U.S. looks promising. In Cuba, Castro is rounding up disloyal government officials and military officers. They are arrested and taken to underground prisons and are never heard from again.

At this point in the story there is no news of Pitt. Admiral Sandecker and Al Giordino fly to Cuba to help search for him, expecting him to be merely a body. Everyone they speak to give the same report, only two men survived who were on the docks at the time of the explosion; and they believe Pitt was at the helm of the Amy Bigelow when she blew up. Then, like a phoenix pied-piper, Pitt appears with a little boy on his shoulders, a little girl cradled in his arms and nearly a dozen more children following behind. Medical care and rest are given to all. Pitt is awakened from too short a sleep period to personally receive the thanks of Fidel Castro. Offering to grant Pitt any favor, Castro allows Pitt to ship a 57 Chevy to Herberto Figueroa. Then he asks for a boat with a crane. La Dorada is buried off the coast of Cuba at the Maine site, where in 1898 the battleship Main blew up and started the Spanish American War. Indeed, Pitt finds La Dorada.

Part VI, Eureka! The La Dorada: Chapters Analysis

The devastation of Havana is heart wrenching, especially the children who are lost and injured. It is just like Dirk Pitt to show up, when everyone is looking for his corpse, not only alive, but with a small band of children to whom he is teaching an American song, Yankee Doodle. His heart is as big as the world, and he never fails to lend a hand. Injured, fatigued, and hungry, he still finds it in himself to render assistance. He is personally thanked by Fidel Castro, who asks for a detailed account of the Rum and Cola operation and how he managed to avert a far worse disaster. In thanks, Fidel offers to grant anything Pitt wishes. His first wish is to find a restored 57 Chevy so that he can properly thank Herberto Figueroa for having to take his taxi. His second wish is for a boat with a crane. He knows where the La Dorada is. Had LeBaron dropped her overboard, it might be impossible to have found her, but Pitt suspected that LeBaron intended to one day come back for the golden lady and so he set her down on the bottom of the ocean, feet first. When Pitt finds her, he comes face to face with her beautiful emerald head.

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