Cyclops - Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 73 - 75 Summary & Analysis

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Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 73 - 75 Summary

Pitt, Moe, Jack, and Manny fight valiantly to keep their ships headed seaward, but the Soviet Naval vessels, one of them a destroyer, begin an attack on the trio of renegade ships. Pitt and Manny manage to escape prior to the destroyer firing upon them. Pitt is disappointed that they were not able to get the ships further away. Back on shore, Velikov is facing a furious Fidel Castro. Velikov purports diplomatic immunity, but Castro will have none of that. Instead, he threatens Velikov with torture if he does not reveal the location of the transmitter and detonators. Velikov's answer is to pull a transmitter from his pocket and press the button. In the harbor, the Amy Bigelow vaporizes. As planned, the Ozero Zaysan, then the Ozero Baykai explodes. Hundreds of people are killed while they sleep and four miles of waterfront erupt in flames. The resulting tidal wave carries Pitt deep into the city. The Castro brothers, Hagen, Jessie, and Velikov survive the catastrophe. The blast, while horrific, was only one tenth of what it would have been had Pitt and the CIA not moved the boats far out into the harbor, near the open sea.

Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 73 - 75 Analysis

While Pitt did not completely manage to prevent Velikov's ships from exploding, he did manage to keep the disaster from having the massive proportions that were planned. This is truly a terrific plot point, for it shows Dirk Pitt to be human. He tried the best he could and yet was unable to completely foil the Russians in their attempt to take Cuba. It would appear, however, that because Fidel and Raul are still alive, the Russians will have a hard time explaining the explosion to the Cuban people.

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