Cyclops - Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 70 - 72 Summary & Analysis

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Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 70 - 72 Summary

The battle of the harbor begins. Jack uses the Pisto tugboat to begin moving Ozero Baykai. He manages to delude the harbor patrol and overcomes its crew, then sinks the boat. This gives Pisto full access to the first ship. Pitt is aboard the Amy Bigelow, trying to find the detonator, but after two hours he gives it up as a lost cause. By 4:30 in the morning the Pisto comes back and begins to work on the Zero Zaysan, but just at that moment an armed convoy comes up the dock. Clark must create a diversion and confuse the Russians, easy to do because Clark is dressed in a Cuban military uniform. Clark is killed in this exercise. While the battle blazes on the dock, the Pisto struggles to move the Ozero Zaysan by connecting the Pisto, the Ozero Zaysan and the Amy Bigelow together. This is taking the two most dangerous ships away from the populated areas of Havana. They manage to create a four knot distance before they are blocked by the patrol-frigate who believes them to be counter-revolutionaries trying to reach the U.S. The frigate has four inch guns aimed at the strange trip of ships. By this time, the Amy Bigelow is underway and is on a collision course with the frigate. She plows through the frigate and sinks it.

Velikov gets the news that the Rum and Cola operation ships are no longer moored to the docks. He knows that only Dirk Pitt could have accomplished this. Velikov orders the Soviet Naval ships to block the way out to the open sea and force the Rum and Cola operation ships back into the harbor. Moments later Velikov attempts to leave but is forced to a meeting with Jessie LeBaron and Fidel Castro.

Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 70 - 72 Analysis

The battle in Havana Harbor is one of the most exciting parts of the book. Everything is timed so tightly, and hundreds of thousands of live are at risk if Pitt fails. With bravado, bluster, and bravery, Pitt and the undercover CIA agents manage to put quite a bit of distance between the ships and the populated harbor town. Velikov, so sure of his success in Cuba, cannot believe it. He must certainly wish he had dispatched Dirk Pitt some time ago. Now with Rum and Cola operation looking dismally like another failure he tries to flee. Instead, he is apprehended and brought for a face to face meeting with Fidel Castro.

This section contains 435 words
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