Cyclops - Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 67 - 69 Summary & Analysis

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Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 67 - 69 Summary

Pitt meets the three CIA undercover operatives known to him only as Manny, Moe, and Jack, who have spent days searching for the bomb. He shows them that the Amy Bigelow with her 25,000 tons of fertilizer could cause an explosion of greater force than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The munitions ship will explode next and the oil tanker will explodes and ignite, causing Havana to burn for days. There is no time to unload the ships, so the plan is to move them. The more knots between the ships and the populated area of the harbor the better. Clark uses intimidation to get the armed guards to vacate the docks by the Amy Bigelow. The CIA agents make the awful discovery that the engines of the Ozero Zaysan have been destroyed with sledgehammers. The Amy Bigelow is a steam engine powered ship and with her engines shut down it will take time to get them up and running.

Ira Hagen and Jessie LeBaron manage to get in to see Raul Castro with Ira pretending to be Colonel General Kolchak. When Raul hears of the assassination plot, he wakes Fidel. Meanwhile, Velikov is notified of the change of guard at the docks, as well as the pre-dawn visit of Kolchak to see Raul Castro. When Velikov calls Kolchak's office, the Colonel General himself answers. Velikov is confused and uneasy. None of these developments are to his liking

Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 67 - 69 Analysis

Now that Pitt and the CIA know what they are looking for, their entire approach changes. The goal now is to either find and dismantle the detonators or move the ships out to sea. This is easier said than done, for the Russians have damaged or shut down the engines so that the ships are immovable. Ira Hagen and Jessie LeBaron are finally able to meet with Raul Castro and tell him and Fidel aobut the assassination plot. Velikov is notified both of the unexpected change son the docks and of Raul's midnight visitor. The clock is ticking and both sides have more and more information about the Rum and Cola plan. It remains to be seen whether the U.S. or Russia will prevail. It appears that the U.S. is in a very bad position.

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