Cyclops - Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 64 - 66 Summary & Analysis

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Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 64 - 66 Summary

Herberto is a Cuban taxi driver and this status gets Pitt and Jessie past three checkpoints. Their luck runs out at the fourth, where they are stopped by a youthful yet zealous guard. A Russian car comes up behind them carrying Geneal Velikov, who had managed to escape the island in a hidden helicopter Pitt and Quintana's men had failed to find. Pitt kidnaps Velikov and leads the General's Russian driver in pursuit on a chase through the Cuban countryside. Pitt finally manages to get the Russian car to crash, then knows he must change vehicles. He takes a manure truck and places the driver, Velikov and Jessie in the bed of the truck hidden under the cover of smelly manure. He drives the truck unimpeded to Havana where he finds Jessie injured and the two men gone.

Ira Hagen travels to Cuba with a goal of preventing the bomb from exploding and leveling Havana. Tom Clark reveals that they have been searching the docks and three ships in question, but so far have not located the bomb. As the two men enter the grounds of the Swiss Embassy, their car is quickly followed by a taxi that carries Jessie and Dirk Pitt. Pitt, Hagen, and Clark quickly bring one another up to speed on the results of the various operations. Pitt agrees to help locate and neutralize the bombs. A quick glance at the harbor map gives him a clue as to which ship is likely to explode causing the most damage. Pitt also scrutinizes the manifests of the ships and tells Clark and Hagen they have been tricked. There are no nuclear devices. The three ships in question contain military munitions, oil, and fertilizer respectively. There is enough material to create a massive bomb.

Colonel General Kolchak and General Velikov discuss the progress of Rum and Cola. Velikov advises Kolchak to leave two hundred fifty Russian people and military behind to die in the explosion. He coldly states that this will give the Russians greater credibility when they establish a new government. Velikov will carry the transmitter that will detonate the primary explosive.

Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 64 - 66 Analysis

A wild chase scene through the Cuban country with a kidnapped Soviet general is classic Dirk Pitt. He gets the most out of the derelict 57 Chevy he had to take from Herberto. Pitt and Jessie make it to the Swiss Embassy. This was previously the U.S. Embassy until relations between Cuba and the U.S. became strained. There, Pitt determines that the bomb that they've been looking for with antiquated Geiger counters does not exist. Rather than a nuclear device, the Russians have put all the components in place for a large and powerful bomb with adequate fuel that will cause a lot of damage and destruction to the city of Havana. The Russians are determined to make it look as though the CIA is responsible for the explosion so that they can more easily take over the Castro regime.

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