Cyclops - Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 61 - 63 Summary & Analysis

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Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 61 - 63 Summary

November 6, 1989

North Coast of Cuba

With the loss of Gettysburg and the annihilation of Cayo Santa Maria, the Soviets are playing the blame game. Polevoi cleverly redirects Anatov's attention to the plan to assassinate Castro and gain a foothold in the Western Hemisphere. Fortunately for the Russians, their recent losses should have no effect on Rum and Cola, but intelligence could alter its course. The Russians also have the upper hand in negotiations with the U.S. regarding the SALT-IV agreement. It is likely that if the U.S. does not share the Jersey Colony scientific data, the Russians will walk out of the treaty signing. The President assures his staff that they have a wealth of medical, geological, and astronomical information that can be shared without giving away space and defense secrets. The President truly hopes that Jessie can get through to Castr9o so that they can work on the treaty proposed by Castro. The problem now is that the plot to assassinate Castro has been uncovered, but there is no way to communicate with Jessie or Dirk. The plan is to detonate an explosive in Havana Harbor, mainly to throw blame on the U.S. and sway the Cubans to the side of the Soviets after Castro's death.

Pitt and Jessie take the Dasher as close to shore as the batteries allow and from that point on they must swim. Fortunately, Jessie is a strong swimmer and very determined. As they reach land, Pitt knocks out a guard and gives that uniform to Jessie. A five mile hike in the pre-dawn is all that Jessie can manage and they seek shelter in a concrete pipe where they finally stop and sleep. When Jessie and Pitt are rested, Pitt gets the whole story from Jessie about how she is to meet with Fidel Castro on orders of the U.S. President to try to develop a peace treaty initiated by Fidel. She also admits that Pitt and his friends had been horribly wronged. They had been told nothing of the covert operation. She apologizes for their pain and suffering. Pitt's response is to make love to the beautiful woman. He also agrees to help her to reach Castro. They get a ride in a 57 Chevy after Pitt helps Herberto build a new wire with tape and a knife.

Part V, The Amy Bigelow: Chapters 61 - 63 Analysis

Jessie has been on a secret mission all along. Castro had made an opening gesture to the President regarding a possible peace treaty. Because the Russians have infiltrated Castro's government, such an offering must be covert, as must its response. General Velikov suspects Castro of such a move, this is why Pitt, Al, Rudi, and Jessie were treated so badly on Cayo Santa Maria. Pitt and his friends gave the Russians no information because they truly had none. Jessie knows how vital it is for her to speak with Castro so when they leave Cayo Santa Maria, rather than heading to the comparative safety and comfort of the ship, she forces Pitt at gunpoint to go to Cuba. Whether she believes Pitt to be an asset or she was merely reluctant to kill him remains to be seen. Either way, Jessie LeBaron is an incredibly brave woman and a true patriot.

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