Cyclops - Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 58 - 60 Summary & Analysis

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Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 58 - 60 Summary

Hollyman has no trouble seeing the Gettysburg in the night sky since she is lit from front to back with navigation lights. He is given the order to fire on her, but Hollyman is burdened with indecision. If he shoots her down, he will forever be known as the executioner of the Gettysburg space shuttle. If he does not, he is defying a direct order. Neither choice is much good. Just as Hollyman is about to press the fire button, the Gettysburg breaks off her approach to the landing strip in Cuba. At that same moment the real Merv Foley makes contact with Dave Jurgens. They give instructions for the shuttle to land at Key West Naval Air station. Just when it does not seem that things could get any worse, Houston discovers that the Naval station's power is out due to an earlier fuel tanker collision. Hollyman is the pilot to save the day. He and the other escort planes can light up the runway with their landing lights. Dave Jurgens manages a beautiful landing with the assistance of his escorts.

Back in Cayo Santa Maria, Pitt returns to Velikov's study to find that Raymond LeBaron is dying from a gunshot wound, received when he tried to come to Pitt's aid earlier. Just before LeBaron dies, Pitt asks about the location of La Dorada. He thinks the man says, "Look on the main sight." (Page 353, Chapter 59.) They join Quintana and the rest of the invasion force taking the Dashers back to the waiting boat. About one mile off the shore of the island, Dirk is rerouted. Jessie is holding a gun to his rib cage. She only says that their job is only half done and then they deliberately head for Cuba.

Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 58 - 60 Analysis

The U.S. has triumphed in this portion of the Star Wars game. They did manage to keep the Gettysburg out of the hands of the Russians and they did not have to shoot her out of the sky. The Jersey Colony survivors and all their research are now on earth and will likely be placed in the hands of hundreds, even thousands of scientists. This is truly a day to celebrate in the U.S. Unfortunately, all is not over. Pitt is forced to join Jessie on some plan of her own. Likely Jessie is the U.S. envoy who is to have contacted the Castros regarding the peace treaty between Cuba and the U.S. The threat of the Russians taking over Cuba is not over and with the loss of the Gettysburg technology, Russia is like to be even more determined to win a presence only two hundred miles away from the United States.

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