Cyclops - Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 55 - 57 Summary & Analysis

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Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 55 - 57 Summary

Pitt, Quintana and twenty-five men search the lower level of the military installment where Pitt had been a prisoner, but for a single guard, the floor is empty. Splitting up, about eight men to a floor should give them enough time to dismantle the communication system. Pitt has a singular goal in mind and when he reaches it he finds what he is looking for. His friends are still alive. He breaks into the room where they are being tortured by Gly in front of the Soviet officers. Pitt shoots several of them, then goes after Gly with the baseball bat he brought with him. Pitt fights valiantly, but Gly is superhumanly strong. Only by gouging Gly's eye out with his thumb does Pitt get out of the man's deadly embrace and Jessie LeBaron calmly shoots the torturer three times in the groin with a handgun. Beyond Velikov's study is a secret passageway to the command center. Quintana's men breach the other side and gun down the man operators. Pitt shoots is one remaining bullet at Velikov who uses one of his officers as a shield. Velikov then slips into another passageway that locks automatically, preventing Pitt from following. It is too late to kill the communication center, so Pitt works the radio attempting to make contact with Gettysburg himself. Unbelievably, he reaches them and tells them not to land in Cuba. He diverts them to the Key West Naval Air station. Jurgens was just about to attempt the same thing,

Major Hollyman is having a true fit of conscience. He cannot believe that he is being ordered to shoot down the Gettysburg before she lands in Cuba. He even demands to know who is the highest command for the order. Once he hears it is from the Commander in Chief of the White House he resigns himself to his duty. Meanwhile, aboard the Gettysburg, Jurgens is convinced that they are being put down in Cuba and he cannot understand it. Against Houston's orders, he goes to manual controls to keep the shuttle in the air as long as possible.

Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 55 - 57 Analysis

Pitt and Quintana are at their deadline and they have not been able to kill the false communications center, so Pitt has to try to make contact with the shuttle himself, using Russian encoded equipment. The tension is very, very high at this point, because Major Hollyman has been given the order to shoot down the Gettysburg, and hesitates. This would be considered one of the major climax points of the story, specifically the storyline of Jersey Colony and the race for lunar dominance. Cussler uses numerous storylines to give his books depth and great interest. Each storyline is handled throughout the book, but there are the usual plot points for each storyline that do not coincide with the remainder of the book.

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