Cyclops - Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 52 - 54 Summary & Analysis

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Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 52 - 54 Summary

As planned, the Russians simulate an order for the space shuttle to leave the space station and prepare for re-entry. All of Houston Control is compromised; they cannot communicate with either Gettysburg or the space station. The President is apprised of the situation and he orders two Air Force squadrons to be scrambled to escort the shuttle. If they are unable to redirect the shuttle the President will have to give the order for the shuttle to be shot down to prevent it from being taken by the Russians. The space shuttle is preparing for re-entry, but the pilot is becoming suspicious. For one thing, Merv Foley from Houston called him Don rather than Dave, and the shuttle's sensors are indicating that their landing path is off course and putting them down in Cuba. Lastly, for the first time in over thirty years Houston is having them make a landing in the dark.

Near Cayo Santa Maria, Pitt is being grilled by both Kleist and Quintana for a more exact position of the installment on the island. Just prior to their assault, Quintana and Kleist are informed of the necessity to destroy the compound before the Gettysburg is forced to land in Cuba. Pitt is charged with finding and destroying the antennae. However, when they reach the electrified fence, Pitt realizes the compound is closer and the antenna is a mile away. Quintana sends his fastest runner for the antennae array and Pitt and Quintana head for the compound and enter through the air vent where Pitt had originally escaped.

Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 52 - 54 Analysis

The Russians can just about taste victory whereas the President is sick at heart for he will soon have to order the shuttle to be shot down. Through the secret military installation on Cayo Santa Maria, Velikov has been able to interrupt the communications from Houston Control to both the space station and Gettysburg and give them orders to come home. The shuttle pilot is suspicious, but not enough to completely disregard his orders. However, he does notice that they are heading for Cuba and not Florida. The tension of the book rises tremendously as the reader waits to find out if Pitt and Quintana can reestablish appropriate communications with the space shuttle before it is shot out of the sky. Years of lunar research will be lost, as will the expertise of all the lunar colonist who will die aboard the Gettysburg.

This section contains 425 words
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