Cyclops - Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 49 - 51 Summary & Analysis

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Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 49 - 51 Summary

November 3, 1989

San Salvador Island

The Castro brothers discuss the effect on Cuba of helping the Soviet Union with revolutionary movements in other countries. This has cost Cuba millions of dollars and thousands of Cuban lives. Raul urges Fidel to turn against the Soviets lest the people of Cuba turn on him. Fidel agrees and plans to make an announcement during the Education Day Celebration in five days. The Castros believe that a new treaty between Cuba and the U.S. is imminent and even though the U.S. envoy likely died in the attack on the blimp, Fidel believes that the U.S. President will wait for nis next exchange. On Cayo Santa Maria, Velikov is given orders to use any electronic capability at his disposal to bring the Gettysburg down on Cuban soil. Gunn and Giordino are given steak and eggs for dinner, wildly different fare from the typical foul-smelling chicken or fish stew. With dinner comes a visit from Foss Gly, bringing news that Dirk Pitt's body has been found by a fisherman. Gunn and Giordino know that Pitt has made it to safety.

Jack Sherman is apprised that someone is breaking into the communications channel of the space station. Jersey Colony is calling to ask permission to dock at the space station. Sherman believes this to be a hoax until Houston Control confirms that the transmission is not originating from earth. Finally, Irwin Mitchell informs the space station of the existence of Eli Steinmetz and his men; one of whom is dead and two others with gunshot wounds. The President has Hudson brief all his men and advisers about Jersey Colony and after a period of stunned silence, everyone erupts in an enthusiastic barrage of questions. After a time, they turn their attention to getting the astronauts safely home. It is freely understood that the Russians are furious that they lost possession of Jersey colony and all its research and that they will likely target the Gettysburg in order to get their hands on the research.

Part IV, The Gettysburg: Chapters 49 - 51 Analysis

The Russians now have two prizes they wish to win. The first is to remove Fidel Castro and his successor, Raul, from power in Cuba by assassinating them both. Fidel is smart enough to know that this is likely happening, but he really believes he has more time than he actually does. The second prize is the research gathered by the Jersey Colony on the moon's surface. If they cannot have the moon colony, they will then take possession of the space shuttle, Gettysburg, and all the data the lunar colonists are bringing home. Such a prize will surely advance their space program by dozens of years. The military installation where Giordino and Gunn are held will play a huge role in the latter objective.

This section contains 486 words
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