Cyclops - Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 46 - 48 Summary & Analysis

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Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 46 - 48 Summary

The President talks directly with the leader of the Jersey Colony, Eli Steinmetz, who he congratulates for his tremendous accomplishment. Then the President gets immediately down to business and warns the colony leader of the likelihood of a Soviet attack. In spite of the President's pleas, Steinmetz refuses to destroy the colony to avoid bloodshed. While his men are not well armed, they do enjoy the home team advantage for they have lived on the moon for six years. The Soviets land on the moon and indeed they are well armed. The biggest problem for them is that they are not trained cosmonauts, they are soldiers. Eli Steinmetz uses a flag of truce to initiate talks with the Russians. Petrov is a soldier, and is not skilled at verbal negotiations. He offers the falsehood of surrender to Steinmetz, which is refused. In turn, Steinmetz refuses to surrender to the Soviets, informing the Soviet leader they have a secret weapon.

The Soviets believe that Steinmetz is bluffing; and so walk into his trap. The Americans have buried themselves in the lunar sand and are picking the cosmonauts off from behind with knives. By the time Leuchenko realizes what is happening, he is alone. He manages to get a couple good shots off, squarely hitting one of the colonists, and hitting another in the shoulder. Leuchenko's dying request is not to be buried on the moon. The Soviets back on earth are devastated; their mission is a failure. Not completely ready to give up, the Soviets then prepare for one final play. They plan to force the space shuttle, the Gettysburg, to crash land in Cuba. By using the strategic military installment off the coast of Cuba they have the ability to mimic the voices of the astronaut's contacts with Houston Control.

Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 46 - 48 Analysis

For the Soviets, a battle for Jersey Colony is a long shot. For the American colonists, they believe that they have far too much invested in their lunar colony to just give it up. Having lived on the moon for six years, the colonists are able to prepare for the Soviet invasion by burying the colonists in the sand, armed with knives. As the Soviets spread out and approach the colony it is an easy matter for Steinmetz to order the closest man to rise from the dirt and kill the last Soviet soldier in formation. This seems to be a true victory, but the Soviets have one last dirty trick up their sleeves and that is to force the Gettysburg space shuttle down.

This section contains 443 words
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