Cyclops - Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 43 - 45 Summary & Analysis

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Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 43 - 45 Summary

The President confronts the nine Inner Core members at Camp David. The Inner Core are proud of their accomplishments and are unable to understand the President's gravity as he speaks to them. When he tells them that the three Soviet lunar probes the colonists had shot down were manned, the Inner Core realize that they are responsible for the deaths of nine Soviet cosmonauts. The soviets believe that the downing of their crafts are an act of aggression and will respond appropriately by manning Selenos 8 with soldiers, which is what they have, indeed, done. The President tells the Inner Core they have, in effect, started a war for the moon.

Pitt is taken care of physically, but he has a lead he wants to follow up and by throwing the equivalent of a temper tantrum, he manages to get permission to make a call outside the facility. The remains of the diver in the Cyclops had a diving helmet with a name and serial number. Pitt calls Weehawken Marine Products and gets the name of the diver who purchased the helmet in 1958. The diver is dead, but his widow's name is Kilda Kroenburg, and she lives in Leesburg, Virginia in a rest home. Pitt manages to convince Brogan to allow him to look up Hilda Kroenburg at the rest home. He is stunned to discover the atmosphere of the rest home to be more like a five star hotel; for a poor struggling diver, Hans apparently managed to leave a fortune to his widow. Then Pitt discovers that Hans's partner was Raymond LeBaron, who likely murdered him underwater because his lifeline and airhose were cut and Pitt had observed the cuts during his dive on the wreck. Hilda has always suspected that Ray killed Hans, but not for La Dorada, but for her. She tells Pitt that Ray salvaged La Dorada, but took it to Cuba rather than to the U.S. First he took the great ruby heart and sold it in pieces to launch the LeBaron empire. When Castro came to power, the statue was hidden somewhere in Cuba. Hilda is married to Raymond LeBaron, making the man a bigamist with his current marriage to Jessie.

Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 43 - 45 Analysis

The Inner Core is briefed that because they violated the International space law treaty and conducted their space program in secret they may, inadvertently, have started a war between Russia and the United States. The Inner Core are scientists, not really politicians, and so they did not take the logical leap. The president does this for them. Now their colony and all the scientific data is at risk. In all likelihood the lives of the lunar colonists are at risk. While governments seem to flounder in papers and policy, such a situation illustrates why it is important to have regulations regarding space exploration. It would seem that a second "Cold War" crisis is imminent between the U.S. and Russia. On a more personal level, rules did not protect Hans Kroenburg. Because Ray LeBaron coveted his wife, Hans lost his life to his friend. LeBaron then takes possession both of La Dorada and Hilda, whom he marries. After he illness he placed her in the rest home and married Jessie, showing him to be a man of very little conscience.

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