Cyclops - Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 40 - 42 Summary & Analysis

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Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 40 - 42 Summary

Pitt struggles with his bathtub boat, but is invisible to merchant traffic. Once he runs out of fuel the bathtub will likely sink. Fortunately for Pitt, the Denver is running maneuvers and picks up an anomaly on their sonar. When they surface, they find Pitt motoring along in a bathtub. Pitt is rescued. Then the chain of command must be altered in order to get Pitt stateside as quickly as possible. Clyde Montfort calls Admiral Sandecker with the news that Pitt is alive; news that brings Sandecker out of his depression. The likelihood that any of the blimp crew could still be alive was nil and Sandecker had begun the grieving process for the loss of his three friends. With joy he contacts the president to get a presidential order to get Pitt to the U.S. A bit of good news temporarily cheers the President, but his mind returns to the Inner Core and the meeting he will have with them tomorrow morning. The identity of the tenth member is revealed. It is Dan Fawcett, his Chief of Staff.

Pitt's rescue opens up a window of opportunity for the U.S. He has information that they have been unable to gather before. He is debriefed at Langley by Martin Brogan, head of the CIA. After talking for ninety minutes, Pitt answers the questions of the assembled experts. When Pitt is done, Brogan expresses skepticism, at which point Pitt gets up to leave the debriefing. His intention is to call a press conference and announce all he knows to the world. He is dissuaded, with the promise that everything that can be done for his friends will be done and Pitt will join them when they storm the island. As an added precaution, the news wires will be given a false story of Pitt's death.

Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 40 - 42 Analysis

Against all odds, Pitt actually makes his escape from the island and is rescued just in time by the U.S. Denver, a submarine in the area. By pulling every possible string, Pitt is brought to Langley for a debriefing by the nation's top intelligence community where he gives them detailed information about Velikov's secret military installation two hundred miles off the coast of Florida. When Pitt's story is doubted, Pitt gets up to take matters into his own hands by intending to call a press conference. True to his nature, Pitt does not suffer fools well. He is worried about his friends, and feels that he has nothing to lose. He is not bound by the same constraints as an organization like the CIA is. He is a man of action and will not wait for idiotic conjecture. His authenticity convinces Brogan and a raid on the island is planned.

This section contains 475 words
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