Cyclops - Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 37 - 39 Summary & Analysis

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Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 37 - 39 Summary

October 30, 1989

Kazakhstan, USSR

The Soviets successfully launch Selenos 8, bound for the moon. A last minute substitution of five soldiers for trained scientists is accomplished. Obviously the Russians care more about dominance than scientific advances. They are planning to make a pre-emptive strike on the lunar colony. Discussion turns to the events on the island of Cayo Santa Maria, which reveals that Raymond LeBaron is merely a negotiation pawn. Jessie LeBaron and the blimp crew were unanticipated, but that they can be blamed for the upcoming disaster. News of Pitt's escape upsets the Soviets but the belief is that he will either drown or be eaten by sharks.

Back in the United States, the President still does not trust his staff and he lies to Dan Fawcett when he arranges to meet with Ira Hagen. Hagen has pinpointed seven out of ten of the Inner Core. Leo Hudson and Gunnar Erikson still elude him. The president realizes that he has only nine names. Hagen then hands him the name of the tenth man, but the reader is not told the man's identity. Ira promises he will round up Hudson and Eriksen while the President arranges for the remaining seven to be picked up for a meeting in the morning at Camp David. The President's next major concern is the plan of the Soviets to assassinate Fidel and Raul Castro, then take over Cuba. His biggest problem is his inability to reach the Castros to warn them. This is the role that the LeBarons played in the game. Hagen knows that the Jersey Colony headquarters is located somewhere in the mall where the men had previously disappeared. It is a small matter to follow individuals who do not match a typical shopping stereotype. Hidden amidst America's favorite pastime is the core of Jersey Colony and there Ira finds Hudson and Eriksen.

Part III, Selenos 8: Chapters 37 - 39 Analysis

At first the story seems to be focused on the shoddy behavior of the Soviets, but as events unfold, it becomes even clearer that they are intent on world domination, or even universal domination given their desire to conquer Jersey Colony. After all they have sent armed soldiers up to the moon on Selenos 8 rather than their scientists who are trained cosmonauts. They intend to wage war on the moon. The also intend to wage war in Cuba. A dialogue between the two nations, Russia and the U.S., is unlikely to yield good results for neither side can believe the words of the other. The two countries' understanding of one another is literally based on what they are able to discover covertly. Even then, they are unlikely to believe it. The U.S. knows this; that is why NUMA was kept in the dark about the true nature of the final flight of the Prosperteer.

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