Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 33 - 36 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 33 - 36 Summary

Pitt's resourcefulness comes in handy. He figures out a way to keep his door from locking after his dinner is brought. Once his guard leaves, Pitt exits his prison room and explores. He finds a way out of the installation and is able to retrace their steps to the beach where he finds the boat motor from the destroyed inflatable boat that carried them to the island. Pitt hides the motor under a bathtub and other debris from an abandoned village before returning to get Gunn and Giordino. His friends, unfortunately, are in no shape to join Pitt, but they urge him to escape to at least get the word out about the secret installment. Pitt's next encounter with Gly Foss is even more brutal than the first time. Pitt takes some very bad punches. His goal, initially, is to merely avoid serious injury so that he can still escape. He does get so angry with Foss that he throws a punch or two and breaks the sadist's nose. Pitt has made a horrible enemy, but he does not really care. That night, he wastes no time. He finds Jessie, hoping to take her with him. Jessie knows she will only hold him up and urges instead for him to find the President and inform him of the events. Taking anything he believes will come in handy; Pitt retrieves his motor and uses the old bathtub as a boat. Using the stars to steer by, Pitt makes his way to Bahama Channel.

Leonard Hudson approaches the President at a public event, and the president invites him to accompany him in his vehicle so that they can talk privately. Hudson threatens Hagen, Senator Gorman, and the Secretary of State. The President jeers at Hudson, calling him a fraud and that his Jersey Colony is merely a figment of someone's imagination. This is not the reaction Hudson expects and he is incensed when the President evicts him from the car. It really is a reverse sting, for Ira Hagen follows the van that picks Hudson up. Hagen wishes to find the headquarters for the Jersey Colony project. He also wishes to learn the identity of the third man in Hudson's vehicle and will run voice recognition tapes on the recording. Hagen is foiled when Hudson's van stops at a mall and three men exit the vehicle and disappear into the mall. Hagen tries to find the men, but with no luck. They were able to disperse too quickly.

Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 33 - 36 Analysis

As per his reputation, Pitt is not one to sit tight and wait for someone else to save him. He manages to devise a way to jam the lock when his guard leaves so that he can get out of his room. The first he is able to leave is cell he manages to get all the way to the beach where they came ashore originally. This is merely a scouting expedition for him. Upon his return he finds Rudi and Al, but the two men are so badly injured that there is no way they can attempt an escape with him. They know that their only hope is for him to escape alone and get the story out. A second encounter with Foss injures Pitt, but not badly enough to prevent his escape. Jessie is also in no condition to join him, for she, too, has been tortured by Foss. Pitt realizes that it is up to him to inform the world of the installment and what is going on Cayo Santa Maria.

This section contains 612 words
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