Cyclops - Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 30 - 32 Summary & Analysis

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Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 30 - 32 Summary

Pitt is introduced to Foss Gly, the Soviet interrogator and torturer. At first, Pitt tries sarcasm and jokes, but when he tries to tell Gly the truth, Gly responds that their real mission was to establish secret communications with the Castros. Because Pitt does not know this to be the truth, he believes Gly to be spinning a yarn. Gly is determined to get the "truth" out of Pitt and the scene ends with Pitt being hit so hard in his kidney that he loses consciousness. Pitt awakens to find himself being tended by none other than Raymond LeBaron who tells him that the "secret installation" is really nothing more than a businessman's retreat center. He gives Pitt an update on Al and Rudi and reports that so far he and Jessie have been well treated. He dissuades Pitt from an escape attempt, revealing the fate of Buck Caesar, whose shark-eaten body washed up onto short. Raymond LeBaron, not independent, reports immediately back to Foss Gly that Pitt's story is true. Gly's response is to hurt LeBaron and then threaten Jessie should LeBaron mess with Gly.

Hagen meets with Senator Porter, another of the Inner Core. Their conversation reveals that the President is immensely pleased with their accomplishment with Jersey Colony. The grave concern, however, is the possibility of a war starting on the moon. The senator is still very angry with the U.S. for sharing its space technology with the Soviets. Senator Porter will not change his mind until the Kremlin decides to better the world rather than dictate it.

Part II, The Cyclops: Chapters 30 - 32 Analysis

Both sides are working against a tight deadline. The Soviets really need to know how much Pitt's group knows; and just who sent them. There is little reason for the captives to cooperate as they have been told they will die regardless. Even Raymond LeBaron is in trouble. He spies on Pitt, feeding him propaganda about the facility, but Pitt is truly in the dark. He tells LeBaron the story as he knows it to be true, omitting the fact that they did fire on the Cuban helicopter and that they managed to dive on the Cyclops. It would seem that Raymond LeBaron knows this since Jessie accompanied Pitt on the dive. Hagen is working against the deadline of the Soviet landing on the moon. He fears that if the lunar colonists start a war, then the Soviets will retaliate by shooting down the space shuttle or space lab.

This section contains 433 words
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